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tone match

  1. Marciel Marcasso

    FX III Tone Match examples and tests

    I've been trying to learn a little more about FXIII's Tone Match. After several tries and tests, I realize that the tone match is very good when I do all the “homework” choosing the same original amplifier on the fractal, and if possible the same settings. I also try to use the guitar as similar...
  2. Geoffrey/ジェフリー

    Help trying to tone match Oji Kaizoku Stereo’s guitar tone

    First, a small introduction: I consider myself an intermediate with Electric Guitar. I have just over six years of experience, I play almost every day, I record, mix, and have had the experience of trying out many guitars, amplifiers, pedals, etc... I mainly play Japanese rock and Vocaloid...
  3. 5150SuaveyAzul

    TONE matching in LOGIC Pro X

    Just curious on what i might be doing wrong in logic pro, the Axe Fx is set to be the main interface, the realut seems to work, but i never see any movement in the reference window, as shown in the picture, and do i always need, 100% sure to disable the cab?
  4. B

    Iced Mother F***ing Earth

    I was finally able to recreate my holy grail of guitar tones through tone match! Unfortunately I don't have a preview, but download it and let me know what you think!
  5. Roby Rocks

    Wish Tone Match/IR Capture .WAV Export

    I use my AxeFx-3 often to sampling acoustic instruments and guitar cabinet. I use Tone Match to capture Acoustic guitars, and IR Capture to create my own Impulse Responses. I Wish the option to export and convert in wave file (.wav 48KHz/24bit) my personal "User Cab" (.syx). I intend this ONLY...
  6. Roby Rocks

    Tone Match an Isolated Track

    TONE MATCH AN ISOLATED TRACK (ITA) In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "capture", or better "to sample" the sound of an Isolated Track to "copy" the sound of our favorite guitarist. The result is amazing! [video in Italian, please use automatic...
  7. Roby Rocks

    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Profiling an Acoustic Instrument

    In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "profile", or better "capture the impulse response" of an acoustic instrument, in this case my Takamine Limited Edition 1999 acoustic guitar. Usually the Tone Match is used to capture the tonal characteristics of a real...
  8. plasmatic

    Studio Monitor Tone Match?

    I primarily use my III through monitors (JBL305s) and they sound great! The tones I create translate well to a PA where I play live. I also have a Fender Mustang IV amp that has stereo FX return and can be setup to be a power amp straight to the speakers or with some processing of the internal...
  9. mrkhacheerio

    Wish "Shift" Parameter for Tone Match Block

    I currently own an Axe FX II, but this is something I'd love to see in the III, and it would motivate me to make the upgrade. I searched the wish list by keyword and I didn't see that this was already suggested, so my apologies if I missed it. Typically, when I use the tone match block, I get...

    "Dream Tones" ML Artist Pack | Based on all John Petrucci's guitar tones

    Learn more: www.ml-sound-lab.com As if it wasn't clear already I'm a huge fan of JP. Not only that but this has got to be the most requested pack throughout all the years and it was requested again multiple times in the 2019 survey so I present to you "DREAM TONES" based on John Petrucci's...
  11. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset

    Guthrie Govan has been my favorite guitar player for over a decade since I first heard him back in the mid 2000's. I used to buy the DVD's of his shows at Tone Merchants and then everything he ever recorded for what is now Jam Track Central, in hopes of someday being able to play any of his...
  12. trueresource

    Why is there no "Axe-Fx IIl Tone Match" section in this forum?

    I have found only one Axe-Fx IIl Tone Match youtube video (in english) which I intend to use (in a few days) to create my first tone match. The tone match video maker has no step by step detail, just general. Since no one has created this section, I hope to document my experience, step by...
  13. Moke

    3.01 Tone Match BUGS?

    Firmware 3.01 I've noticed some strange behavior in the Axe-Fx III Tone Match block? It seems to have something to do with the 'Live' vs 'Off-Line' modes? When selecting an 'Off-line' 'tone matched' preset, The match sounds wrong until you select the 'Tone Match' block (Axe-Edit or hardware...
  14. A

    Tone Match vs. IR

    Hi, Somewhat new to axe-fx iii and I'm a little confused between the tone match and the IR. I saw a video by Cooper Carter where he did a tone match and then saved it or converted it to an IR for a cab. I want to use the axe-fx iii to "auto adjust" the sound of the input to match the sound of...
  15. Marciel Marcasso

    Carry on AX8, my wayward son

    Listening to the song "Carry on ...." from the band "Kansas" today (music released in 1976/77) I'm amazed how everything sounds so good. Testing several Marshall models of Ax8, the model I found closest to the original sound of the song was the JCM800 (although it was only released in 1981). A...
  16. Strizzwald

    Axe-Fx 2 to Axe-Fx 3 Tone Match

    Hey everyone So I have some presets that from the Axe Fx 2 that I want to use on my Axe Fx 3 however they feature the tone match block, and when I used Fractool to convert them onto/into the 3 everything carries over except the tone match block. Its there on the layout but the actual profile...
  17. JeffNeiman

    Export a Tonematch block and import as an IR?

    Many presets I want to mess with contain a tone match block which Fractool converts to a shunt... Is it possible/effective to use Fractool to export the tone match block as a .wav, convert it to an IR using cab lab, and then importing it within the Axe edit in the cab block? Seems like its...
  18. D

    Tone Match amp difficulty

    Hey all, I'm new to the Fractal world and just got a 3. I'm trying to tone match a bunch of my heads and running into serious difficulty. No matter what I do, the tone match sounds like absolute garbage. I've been trying to do this by DI'ing the head, both with and without a cab simulator...
  19. nosfer61

    I desperately want something pretty close to 'The Devils Blood' Tone, heeelp

    Hi everyone this is my first post so be gentle, I'm an axe fx II owner I usually play thrash, black, death, but really want to try jamming along/starting up something in the field of psychedelic occult rock in teh vain of The Devils Blood. Can anyone suggest a good amp and cab to start with...
  20. Brian Greco

    Is There A Way To Tone Match A Preset With Two Amp Blocks?

    Hello again, Last night, I was attempting to TM a preset that I had made, with two amp blocks. Again, I have to do this so I can post my presets to Axe-Change due to the fact that we cannot use third-party IR’s. This leaves me in a bit of a bind because I use third-party impulse responses a...
  21. Brian Greco

    Life After Tone Match: Getting Back Tonal Characteristics

    Hey everyone, So, I’ve been in the process of tone matching some of my presets so that I can post them on Axe-Change. I have to do this because I often use third-party impulse responses, and as you all know this is a no no. I recently posted a thread somewhere, but there were no...
  22. William Stone Francesconi

    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Tone Match!

    Guys, I always wanted to try the tone of Dimebag, I purchased my axe fx about 4 months and im blown away with the sound quality and its capabilities so I sat and dialed this box amazing black box and ended up with this: Is basically an FAS Modern with a FET Boost and a tone match block I...
  23. S

    Help * Trying to match Joe Don Rooneys rhythm tone

    I'm a complete newbie to this whole matching thing, but I recently listened to Life is a Highway - Rascll Flatts and I found myself astounded by the rhythm tone. What I do know is that Joe Don Rooney MIGHT be using a Bogner XTC something... But I am completely worthless at matching tones and...
  24. GuitarNut

    Is there a way to tone match a guitar volume - tone stack?

    Like sending the “tone matching frequency sweep” into the circuit just after the pickups while the AxeFx is listening. I have a fantastic Musicman Luke 111 and I swear there is some eq love going on in the boost section of the preamp. I would like to capture its treatment and be able to use...
  25. S

    Pete Thorn Tone match?

    Hey all! New to the AXE FX game and need a favor. I'm sorry if I'm missing something something, but it looks like the new LM patches (with are unbelievable in their own right) have taken the place of the PT tone match patches. Anyone able to share the PT patches? I'd be very grateful!
  26. houstonwehaveuhoh

    The elusive Jim Root tone

    Hey Folks! For the last year or so I've been trying to get as close as I can to this tone and I just can't seem to get it. The only real amps I've owned for the last 10 or so years have been an AC30 and Twin Reverb so the realm of this tone is a little out of my comfort zone. There's this...
  27. S

    Mic Preamp with Axe Fx II

    Will it hurt the Axe Fx if I run the monitor out from the back of my MBox into the Input 2 (FX return) of the Axe Fx? I'm using the MBox as a mic preamp, and that's the only 1/4" output it has. I was having a hard time getting a signal from the box to the axe fx, I couldn't even get the level...
  28. SeeD

    i come bearing gifts (bass stuff) Enjoy ! SeeD

    Here is something new,something cool..something LOW sounding Yeah it`s time to play your bass guitar :) Enjoy ! Would be cool if you can wright something in this tread,if you like the presets,and the IR files ?? Here is the zip file,with all the Bass Presets and all the Bass IR files...
  29. Moke

    Boston's - Foreplay/Longtime live at the 'House of Blues'

    Warning....cellphone video from the front row...;) But I thought some of you might get a kick out of this. This is a fan video of my band 'Roughhouse', from our June 10th, 2017 show at the 'House of Blues' in Anaheim, California. I'm using my 'Foreplay-Longtime' preset direct. No back-line...
  30. J

    On a tone hunt... Can you help me?

    *Sorry if this is in the wrong place - newbie, and not a Fractal user (regretfully, yet)! * I'm looking to recreate a couple of sounds I heard for a few tracks I'm working on, and I'm not sure what they are/how to replicate them. They're from Joe Satriani's song 'Goodbye Supernova' The first...
  31. Milco

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    Hey guys, tried something interesting and ran some acoustic tracks through the tone match and played it on my 8 string electric. I think I made a really unique tone. Let me know what you think!
  32. hwplainview

    Deftones - Around The Fur Tone Match

    Hey everyone, I've been hard at work on more TMs and this is one of my favourites. I've done two separate presets, one using the Brit Pre (which is actually a more accurate TM) and one using the ENGL (slightly easier on the ear). One may suit your guitar better than another. Otherwise, adjust to...
  33. SlugAlex

    Bass tone match, what am I doing wrong?

    Hey guys, I would love some help with this problem I've been having. I have tone matched a bunch of guitar tones and they usually turn out great, but for some reason I have never successfully tone matched a bass. It never sounds like the recording. I have multitracks that I use to tone match. Is...
  34. Smittefar

    ToneMatch in Reaper plus freeware

    I am still hoping, FAS will release a tone match VST plugin that will be able to export a cab file. I will buy it instantly. I wanted to do a video showing how to do this - it is very easy and quite quick, but it will be soooo long, before I have time to do a proper video. In the meantime, I...
  35. TheTrooper

    [NOT A BUG] Tone Match Block doesn't......Tone Match

    Now, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not (I used TM before and has always worked right, maybe something has changed with the updates?) but when I have audio from the PC going to the Axe for the "reference" tone, it works (I see the EQ moving and I can capture the sound) but when I...
  36. Julien Meirone

    Bass Metal Cover with Darkglass TM

    Hi guys, this week i have mixed the bass cover of a friend using my new TM of the B7K, let me know if you enjoyed this ;). Cheers
  37. Nero

    IR EQ Match, How does this sound?

    Hey guys, so I'm a HUGE slash fan, i've been wanting to emulate his tone forever, and thanks to the AX8 i'm getting very close :) On the track below you can hear the first 15 seconds is the original song and after it's me , it's still not perfect but im working on it lol i played the riff a bit...
  38. Synchronicity

    Tips for achieving this sort of Shawn Lane tone

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone has any ideas of how best to get close to this sort of thick and warm tone, I've gotten reasonably close in the past, but it ended up sounding a bit too chorusy and "80s" style. I know Shawn Lane used 4 amps all separated by a few ms for that really thick...
  39. Spawn2031

    Acoustic Tone Matching

    So, I am following along with Cooper Carter's acoustic tone match vid on creativelive.com. I'm using the intro from She Talks to Angels as my reference source. It seems to have worked pretty well except overall it sounds like I'm playing in a tunnel or tin can of sorts. Its very hollow...
  40. S

    Tone Matching problem

    Hello my fractal audio fellas! I have had this problem a while now, or i don't really know is it a problem or just nature of tone matching. But whenever i am trying to tone match, let's just say Metallica's Orion guitar track for example, i can get pretty close result but i certainly hear that...
  41. Moke

    Def Leppard - "Foolin'" Preset Added!

  42. Orbm1

    Nylon String Guitar (Godin) and Axe-Fx II (Part 3) - Update!

    tagging: @simeon, @vkcarrillo , @harvestthesouls as you guys were interested in this. Sorry it took me so long to post this but I have been sick and busy. Anyways, here is the video: Basically I just used the same TM I did last time as I COULDN'T GET A DECENT tone match from the other...
  43. J

    Is it possible to upload tone match presets from FX2 to AX8?

    Is it possible to upload tone match presets from FX2 to AX8?
  44. X-Mann

    Tone is in the fingers........but...

    As a middle aged weekend cover band warrior, I've realized that "Yes", tone is in the fingers & hands that we all currently own right now :eek: While I await the AX8 & dream of the tonal possibilities, I take a look back at what I've created w/ the modelers of X-Mas past. Note: This is a for...
  45. C

    How do I download and isolated guitar track

    All I have watched some tutorials, but I cannot figure out exactly how to get an isolated guitar track downloaded from the web, to my Fractal I am new to this. I found a Screaming for Vengeance isolated guitar track on Youtube, but I have no idea how to get that into my Fractal. Or do...
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