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OwnHammer retiring a large portion of their WAV format libraries


New Member
Recently visited the OwnHammer website and saw an interesting change in their WAV format section. The releases were listed in two pages instead of one, and on the second page it said the following:

End of Life​

In Q2 of 2023 the OwnHammer website will be moving to a new server system in preparation for the launch of software products, at which time the wave audio format impulse response library product catalog will be rebooted. Items listed on this page will not be transferred to it nor made available from it, so now is the last time to pick these up before they ride permanently off into the sunset!

  1. (r)Evolution Debut Bundle
  2. 212 VC30 Blue MMMC
  3. 412 MRBW GNR MMMC
  4. 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC
  5. California Duo
  6. Class-A Duo
  7. Heavy Hitters II
  8. Uber Duo
  9. 110 VC4
  10. 112 DVRB
  11. 112 TDLX
  12. 1012 TWEED
  13. 212 BGOS
  14. 212 BGSH
  15. 212 ORNG
  16. 212 RECT
  17. 212 VC30
  18. 410 BGNR
  19. 410 SVRB
  20. 412 BGNR
  21. 412 DZRL
  22. 412 EDVH
  23. 412 ENG
  24. 412 FMAN
  25. 412 MR82
  26. 412 MRCB
  27. 412 RECT
  28. 212 MR66
  29. V1 Collection

Link: https://www.ownhammer.com/impulseresponses/wav/eol.html

Dave Merrill

Well that's a lot of serious stuff to lock away. They're betting big on their new thing.

If you don't have it, I'd def pick up the (r)Evolution Debut Bundle at least, it's quite a deal.

Have to check my purchases, see what else I should grab before we can't. They have a bunch of stuff I hadn't grabbed "yet".

OTOH, do I really not have enough IRs, really? Seriously?
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