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impulse response

  1. Roby Rocks

    Vendor Roby Rocks IRs

    ROBY ROCKS IRS Our philosophy is providing a selection of IRs and mixes, to save the guitarist from spending hours finding what he needs. Each package contains 10 IRs already mixed and ready to use, which differ by microphone types, microphone positions, mixes and more. Each IR is realized in...
  2. Roby Rocks

    Wish Tone Match/IR Capture .WAV Export

    I use my AxeFx-3 often to sampling acoustic instruments and guitar cabinet. I use Tone Match to capture Acoustic guitars, and IR Capture to create my own Impulse Responses. I Wish the option to export and convert in wave file (.wav 48KHz/24bit) my personal "User Cab" (.syx). I intend this ONLY...
  3. Jens Bogren

    Vendor Producer Impulse Responses from major metal albums [Bogren Digital] - FREE UPDATE!

    -- FREE UPDATE -- All existing customers get a free update to the pack. Please check your 'spam' folder if you missed the email. Here's what changed: Eight new rhythm IR files! (total is now 35) Screenshots from Pro Tools sessions used to create the website audio demos (BTBAM, Kreator...
  4. A

    What contributes most to "Harsh Frequencies", is it the IR or AMP or Playing or Altogether?

    while removing the harsh frequencies , I'm wondering if the major contribution of these harsh frequencies while sweeping to find it is because mainly of the impulse response? OR is it the guitar playing , guitar amp of choice, AND the impulse response altogether?
  5. Andy_V

    Great IR for the Dizzy Models

    The new Dizzy cab pack from the valhallier.at guys really stunned me in relation to sound and feeling. Works also amazing with other amp models like the SLO100 (Link below) Did anyone check that out yet and has any opinions to share about it? :D I have to record some stuff soon. But there is...
  6. D

    Celestion IR sale 4/3 - 4/6

    Email I got (no affiliation) EASTER HOLIDAY SALE! From 3rd - 6th April we are offering a 40% Discount on impulse responses at CelestionPlus!
  7. Fuzzy Pinetree

    What kHz Do I need to use for third party IR's?

    I just downloaded some free sample IR's from Celestion, and when I downloaded them, it gives me the choice between 44.1 48.0 88.2 and 96.0 kHz. This is for Axe FX II XL+ btw.
  8. Roby Rocks

    Acoustic Guitar Tone Match - Profiling an Acoustic Instrument

    In this video I'll show you how to use the Tone Match function of Axe-Fx3 to "profile", or better "capture the impulse response" of an acoustic instrument, in this case my Takamine Limited Edition 1999 acoustic guitar. Usually the Tone Match is used to capture the tonal characteristics of a real...
  9. B

    Digital Modeling of Amps and Speakers VS Analog (Survey)

    I hope it is okay to share this. I just need some general information of you, how you like modelers in general and IRs and so on. I made this little survey. No strings attached i just need this for my thesis https://forms.gle/GG7op8L38s3EmaZDA ... the results in a few weeks could be interesting...
  10. axedude

    User Cabs Combine Multiple Cabs into one New User Cab

    I've looked around but cannot find an answer to this one, and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question!! Is it possible to set up 2 or more cabs and their settings, then save that combination of cabs and settings as a new user cab preset ?? So each time I want the Own Hammer cab and Marshall cab...
  11. TrooperCZ

    Any free IRs for Axe FX Ultra?

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I own Axe FX Ultra. Are there any free IRs or database of IRs for Axe FX Ultra? P.S. Sorry, if this question has been asked/answered before. Jan

    Ampg Bass Cab Pack | Impulse Responses based on an Ampeg™ 4x10 bass cabinet

    We're running an intro sale at: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ "Ampg Bass Cab Pack" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on an Ampeg™ SVT-410HE 4x10 bass cabinet. In addition to the usual ML Sound Lab mics: Shure™ SM57, SM58, SM7B, Royer™ R121, Sennheiser™ e906, MD421, Beyerdynamic™ M160...

    ML Sound Lab IR Cab Pack "Boaner" based on Bogner 4x12

    https://ml-sound-lab.com/ "Boaner Cab Pack" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Bogner™ 4x12 guitar cabinet loaded with 90s UK made Celestion™ Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers in "X" pattern. Rather than talking about the pack I recorded some sound demos with the Mega Rectified...
  14. Rockin' Cabs

    Announcing Rockin' Cabs, LLC - www.rockincabs.com

    Hello everyone - I encourage you all to visit our website www.rockincabs.com and check out our unique Speaker Impulse package. Check out our demos, download our V30 Speaker Impulse for free and enter code RC5OFF at checkout for $5.00 off of our current Core impulse pack. We have packed a ton of...
  15. jmadden5124

    ML Labs.. Cab or Amp packs??

    Okay newbie question for y'all.. I have question for you kind folks.. I see ML Labs has a 20% Easter Sale on all of their cab packs and amp packs. I hear they're very good. I myself am interested in their Freeman Cab pack based on greenback and V30s from a vintage Friedman cab. The YouTube...

    ML Freeman Cab Pack | Based on a Friedman 4x12 with Greenbacks and V30s

    Official info: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/freeman-cab-pack It was years ago when I started a poll about what Cab Packs you want me to make and the Friedman 4x12 was one of the top wishes. Sorry it took so long but boy was it worth the wait. I'm not much of a hype person but I'll say...

    ML Sound Lab - MEGA OVERSIZE: First ML Cab Pack in .wav format

    THIS IS THE OFFICIAL ML SOUND LAB WEBSITE: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ 2019 starts with a bang. I probably have to start this with a disclaimer - ML Sound Lab is still working with Fractal Audio on official Fractal Cab Packs, nothing has changed and I still love you guys and will be an active...
  18. orion32773

    Intro to amp modelers part 1

    This is part 1 of a 2 part series on amp modelers. Very high level but may be useful to point people to, to get them started. Correction in video “Full Range Flat Response”....I said Flat range. Duh.

    "ML Greatest Hits" - 2018 BLACK NOVEMBER PACK!

    EDIT: Video demo: 22 cabinets in one pack. ;) More info here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Greatest_Hits_Collection_p/fas-801-0053.htm Fractal Audio and ML Sound Lab are celebrating our four year successful collaboration with a "Greatest Hits" Cab Pack. This is actually by far the most...


    It's reveal time! I can't lock the voting but I'll post the final results here: (votes made after this will not be counted for obvious reasons) CLIP A: 15 votes 37.5% CLIP B: 15 votes 37.5% THEY SOUND THE SAME: 10 votes 25% Results on the second page. Original post: Here is a download link...
  21. Brian Greco

    IR/ Tone Question

    Hope everyone is well. Tonight, I was thinking of bringing one of my Axe FX tones into my DAW to make some adjustments. So, my question is this, has anyone ever exported a “polished” Axe FX tone from their DAW as a .wav file, then converted it to back to a .syx file? If so, how did it...
  22. S

    Switching between IEM's, FRFR, PA, Studio Monitors but getting the same sound.

    While waiting for my III on the wait list, I'm deciding how to handle my live monitoring and home studio practice monitoring setup. I've always struggled with this concept so I hope there are some experts out there that can give me some tips. Getting the same sound live that I get at home is...
  23. Deadpan

    Free IR Set of a Scumback M75 with a PR20

    Hi All, Working hard as always to make the best of the best in IRs. For a limited time we are offering a promo set of the soon to come M75 impulse set. Edit: Promo ended. Pack is now out! This is an unmixed single mic IR. And well worth a try. Please do report back with your experience as I...
  24. camilovelandiamusic

    Axe FX III The New Cab Block

    Hey guys!! Wanted to do a little overview of the cab block and its new features! Hope you dig!!


    All details mentioned in the video. Here's the download link: http://bit.ly/MLSoundLab
  26. Choptones

    [Choptones] the most complete Impulse Response Packs (IR)

    Hi guys! In this thread i'll post ChoptonesIR Pack updates! We use several hi-end Microphone Preamps and Microphones (Like for our profiles pack) Check them out! shop.choptones.net/cab-ir Here's some demos! Many more packs are coming! Check them out! :)
  27. tomaesp

    Cab IR from Line 6 device

    Hi guys, I'm using Axe Fx Standard,but also have two Line 6 XT's for 5 years..I found that i really like their cab simulation "Line 6 2x12"...It sound perfect (for me) on almost every amp simulation... I know it's funny ,but is there possibility to make IR of that cab,and use it on my...
  28. G

    .syx cab not loading into axe manage

    hey all, I'm new here so sorry if this has been answered. I have the redwirez ir pack and I want to load a specific bass cab into axe edit but for some reason it says "file type not supported." The file is labelled axe fx and is a .syx file so I'm unsure why this is happening. For reference...
  29. Panda Man

    Panda Cabs -40% OFF!

    Panda Cabs is mix-ready guitar cabinet impulse collection. Includes 30 separate IRs and 10 IR Mixes. Perfect for rock/metal genres! On Sale Now! Get it here: panda-sound.com
  30. lefty69

    How to import an Impulse response into AX-8?

    Hi, I've only had the Ax-8 for a few days now. Still struggling a bit as I am not satisfied with the tone yet. Can anybody tell me how I can import an existing Matchless Impulse response into the AX-8? Many thanks
  31. ownhammer

    OwnHammer JYC - Mean to Clean - FAS Quantum Amps

    Here's a fresh clip from the OH crew for the Justin York Collection - "Mean to Clean". Using the MES 412 cab from that library for all guitar tones on display, mean and clean alike. All guitar and bass using FAS Quantum amps and OwnHammer IR's. Enjoy! :)
  32. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLX - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody, hope you enjoy these new clips of the OwnHammer 112 DLX IR's! All guitars and bass are using Axe-Fx II amps and OwnHammer IR's. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a great 2016! :)
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