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  1. KαΩSS

    OwnHammer retiring a large portion of their WAV format libraries

    Recently visited the OwnHammer website and saw an interesting change in their WAV format section. The releases were listed in two pages instead of one, and on the second page it said the following: Link: https://www.ownhammer.com/impulseresponses/wav/eol.html
  2. jrayjr

    Whats your favourite Greenback IR's?

    Sup yall, As the title says, what are your favourite Greenback IR's? I have almost every pack available to buy but nothing beats the Fractal Ownhammer Greenback G12M55+75 / G12H55+75 pack from the Fractal Site for me. I play mostly blues and Hendrix and have found none better yet, well i am...
  3. TheloniusJ

    Your Favorite Third Party IR Bundles

    So I'm 99% happy with the tones I'm getting from my FM3, but am more and more recognizing the importance of IRs. I have been using only included IRs so far, but am thinking about buying a bundle. Currently I'm looking for tones covering the spectrum from Allen Hinds, Mark Lettieri, Scofield...
  4. Y

    Wish Change IRs with an FC Foot Controller

    My workflow is the reason for this request. It would be extremely helpful, for me, to cycle through IRs using an FC-X controller. I did search the Wishlist before posting this and the closest post I found was the following; however, the author did not mention my specific wish. Wish Control...
  5. Jens Bogren

    IRs Producer Impulse Responses from major metal albums [Bogren Digital] - FREE UPDATE!

    -- FREE UPDATE -- All existing customers get a free update to the pack. Please check your 'spam' folder if you missed the email. Here's what changed: Eight new rhythm IR files! (total is now 35) Screenshots from Pro Tools sessions used to create the website audio demos (BTBAM, Kreator...
  6. T

    Implemented Up/Down Arrows on Cab Block IR to Quickly Bounce Between Cabs

    Similar to being in the Edit screen for the cabs and using the knob.
  7. LucasLeCompte

    The Dr. Bonkers Mesa Cab IRs Sound Great!

    I did some high gain reamps using Dr. B's Mesa Recto OS Slant cabs and the IRs sound great! Anyone else have these?
  8. austinbuddy

    Missing Essentials: Some Cab IRs would like to hunt down...

    Hi everyone: Now that I have an Axe III there are a lot of IRs to choose from. But there are some IRs I have not yet found that I think would be useful to have... so I'm posting this here. If anyone has these IRs or can recommend a commercial version that is very good, would appreciate it...
  9. Misfit74

    Firepower - Judas Priest (request)

    Anyone made any patches based on the new Judas Priest "Firepower" album? Seems Richie Faulkner and sometimes Glenn Tipton use Engl amp heads (equipboard.com) and you can hear an amazing tone across the new album. I'm interested if someone has some to share they've made or come accross...
  10. gates

    New Cabinet Impulse Response site - EstIrs.com

    Greetings to all! EstIRs is a newly founded provider of high-quality cabinet impulse responses from Estonia. Feel free to browse and try out our free samples @ estirs (dot) com/product-category/free-stuff/ Also like us on our Facebook page - everything off -25% 'till March with special coupon...
  11. speedloader

    Secretfluid (free IRs)

    Hey, so I've been into IRs and cab Sims for maybe 15 years. As I've never found satisfaction on the market of cab Sims, I got used to make my own IRs (and hate most of them). When one of those is as good as an IR can be, I brand it as "Secretfluid". I must shamelessly say those are as far as I...
  12. austinbuddy

    AustinBuddy's 3 NEW Cab Packs in Fractal Store - here are his favs

    Hi Fractal Friends: Fractal Audio is now selling three new Cab Packs created from multi-day sessions at Public Hi-Fi studios in Austin, Texas. In addition to some studio amps/cabs, most are from Austin Vintage Guitars super cool amp collection. Thanks to feedback from the forum, I included...
  13. ownhammer

    Link to OwnHammer IR's Retired in Q7

    In the public release of Quantum 7, the following IR's were removed from the firmware and replaced by new OwnHammer offerings: FC057 - 4x12 SLM H75 (OH) FC142 - 1x12 DLX J12-PR MIX (OH) FC146 - 4x12 MAR-CB H-PR-55 MIX (OH) FC148 - 4x12 MAR-CB SB-75 MIX (OH) FC149 - 4x12 MAR-CB V30-CH MIX (OH)...

    New Cab Pack on the way based on VINTAGE FENDER COMBOS!

    SUPER EDIT: This Cab Pack was just released! Go get it from here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_ML_USA_Combos_p/fas-801-0031.htm I'm so excited to break the news here, especially as I can simultaneously announce that all the IR's have been shot. The launch will be wait for it...
  15. dtpancio

    Petrucci V30 Mix-like IRs

    I tried many Mesa cab IRs, from the stock library, the free ones from ML, some stuff from Ownhammer, etc. but no one match Petrucci's tone like the Petrucci V30 Mix. Can you tell me what's the closest UltraRes IR (or a combination of two) to the Petrucci V30 Mix? Thanks in advance.
  16. oson00

    First track FIX from our upcoming album

    I want to spread our first released track of our upcoming album. My band Tachycardia recorded the song "Fix". We reamped all guitars and basses with Axe-FX II. We used cabIR.eu IRs. You hear the Orange OR-4x12 and the MR-PIN68.

    FREE ML Cab Pack 20 Preset-Cab Bundle: JMPre-1 & Brit PR75

    Last year was one of the best years in my life so far and one of my biggest achievements was Cab Pack 20: ML Brit 4x12 Collection. While I'm extremely happy that so many of you went and got this pack I also understand that some of you don't know what it's all about. It's an ultimate collection...

    First ML Cab Pack for 2016: "The Little Guy"

    This Cab Pack has been released: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cab-pack-23-ml-usa-2x12-citrus-2x12.112809/ EDIT: The cabs included in this Cab Pack are: ML USA 2x12: Based on a Mesa 2x12 with 70w 16Ohm V30s. Brighter with more juicy middle bite than other Mesa cabinets I've done. ML...
  19. Emanuel

    What IR Cabs do you swear by for Rock/Metal

    Hi all. I just wanted to get everyone else's opinion and recommendations on what cabs they like using when playing rock/metal. I find the basic V30 cab gives me that chunk and definition but it can be really hissy in the highs ( I usually have to cut a lot out when mixing, but whenever I try out...
  20. J

    New Ownhammer IRs - Questions

    I just saw that the Ownhammer store now has a lot fewer IR packs available. I bought quite a few of Kevin's packs over the years and found that the new ones were typically "better" (=more to my liking) compared to older packs but the selection did indeed get a little complex (many packs, many...
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