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  1. danielworks

    Fractal 200ms IR's or WAV 500ms IR's ? Which one to choose ? (Axe FX3)

    In the Fractal IR's folder inside Ownhammer IR's packs it says : "The following folders contain .wav files perfectly prepared for conversion to the Fractal Audio Systems derivative format types. These .wav files are 200 ms in length and NOT minimum phase transformed so as to avoid cascading...
  2. N

    Cab Packs

    I got a $50 gift card to the Fractal website and figured I'd buy a cab pack with it. I play mostly Metal (Killswitch, LoG, etc) and Neoclassical (Vai, Malmsteen, etc). I'm debating between the the ML Misha Mansoor UltraRes and the OwnHammer Heavy Hitters. Anyone have experience with either one...
  3. erockomania

    Full tune - Asteroid Spy "Dead Hands" playthough. Friedman BE (Cygnus) with octaver goodness :)

    I posted the basic track here a while ago... this is the finished tune with vocals. Hope you dig it! Real proud of the tones on this one :) Production details: Guitar - Warmoth custom with Tom Anderson H2+ and H1 in parallel Guitar Amp - Fractal Audio AxeFX III, Friedman BE with OwnHammer IRs...
  4. erockomania

    Element Guitars FUSE 29" baritone. Cygnus Friedman BE with silly, over the top distortion (sorry in advance).

    Quick test to see how the new Element Guitars FUSE 29" baritone sounds with the Friedman BE (which I was having a hard time with since the Cygnus update). ...and I took it way over the top, :D (don't let the intro fool you) info: Element Guitars FUSE prototype with Tom Anderson H2+ pickup...
  5. Prince

    When & How to apply Min Phase/MPT and Low & High Cuts?

    Hi y'all, I am in the process of mixing my massive stash of OwnHammer IRs for my FM3's User Cab Bank. Before before I go all in and make 1,024 IRs, I want to make sure I'm understanding these two steps correctly, so that I don't have to repeat this process. Yes, I have read a ton on this...
  6. T

    Slipknot Tone Test

    Slipknot tone test, using Esp Eclipse II, Axe-Fx II XL, Ownhammer impulses. Let me know what you think.
  7. ownhammer

    OwnHammer New Release: 212 VC30 BLUE MMMC!

    Available now on the OwnHammer website is the 212 VC30 BLUE Massively Multi-Mic Collection! As with all OH MMMC's, this elite library brings unmatched and unrivaled quality AND quantity, with several new twists to this classic gear combination on top of the already groundbreaking feature set...
  8. ownhammer

    IRs OwnHammer New Release: 212 VC30 BLUE MMMC!

    Available now on the OwnHammer website is the 212 VC30 BLUE Massively Multi-Mic Collection! As with all OH MMMC's, this elite library brings unmatched and unrivaled quality AND quantity, with several new twists to this classic gear combination on top of the already groundbreaking feature set...
  9. Guitarjon

    Grooves! (IIC++ crunchies)

    Oh yeah, I just love the USA IIC++ amp model as it's just stellar for the crunchies! The Schecter SLS C1P with Seymour Duncans really helps with the cut and throatyness, I've been digging passive pickups (mainly SD) more recently. I used the brand new OH 412 ZLCS V30 MMMC which really is...
  10. ownhammer

    IRs OwnHammer 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection

    Happy Holidays! Now available from OwnHammer is the 412 ZLCS V30 Massively Multi-Mic Collection! Similarly featured to the smash hit 412 MRBW GNR M25, this monster of a library is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a mighty, custom spec Zilla 4x12 cabinet loaded with 1999 made in...
  11. Guitarjon

    Thrashy riffs with Das Metal! (OH Uber Duo)

    Hey guys, Made a song with the new OwnHammer Uber Duo. It's a pack that has two cabs in it that are based on cabs from a very well known brand that rhymes with 'ogner'. :) One of the cabs is a front loaded Uber and the other a rear loaded. Both have very nice and complimentary tonal...
  12. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Uber Duo

    Now available from OwnHammer is the Uber Duo impulse response library! Based on and seeking to recreate the sound of both front and rear loaded Bogner™ Uberkabs, the Uber Duo provides another comprehensive angle on the stock-configured dual speaker type 4x12 cabinet, this time focusing on a...
  13. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 FMAN 6-pack

    Available now from OwnHammer.com is the 412 FMAN! Based on the 4x12 from this legendary amp maker and modder for the stars, this pack is centered around the pinnacle of sound for hot-rodded British tones. The 6-Pack bundle library utilizes pairs of the most popular speakers for this...
  14. Guitarjon

    PHAT! (Axe FX III fw1.14, Schecter KM6 MKII & OH 412 FMAN content)

    Hey guys, Here's a new track with the latest firmware. Loving the sound and feel of this device! I'm running my Schecter KM6 MKII through the Recto 2 mordern amp block for the heavy parts using an OwnHammer 412 FMAN MIX ir from the 412 FMAN six-pack. Gotta love how those Seymour Duncan pickups...
  15. Guitarjon

    First full production with the III, and the tones are glorious! ;)

    Sooo, I made my first full song with the Axe FX III. I used the Recto 1 modern amp for the heavy rhythms, Recto 1 normal for the leads, the Bassman Normal for the cleans and the Bassman Bass for the bass guitar. I'm really impressed with the Recto tones on the III, seriously, they sound HUGE. I...
  16. ProgressiveRocco

    Van Halen - "I'm The One" (New OwnHammer IRs)

    Testing the new cab pack by OwnHammer! Based on a 1971 Marshall 1960B loaded with pre-Rola Celestion G12M-25's! Love these IRs! Perfect excuse to play one of my all time favorite VH songs :)
  17. Guitarjon

    USA IIC++ with the OH 412 MRBW GNR M25

    Hey all! I made a new video with my recently acquiered Ibanez Prestige RG652MPB, the USA IIC++ amp and the new OwnHammer 412 MRBW GNR M25 cab. Love this guitar, love the amp model and I'm very stoked about this cab. I've also been experimenting more with real pedals in front of the Axe FX and...
  18. DanGuitarMan

    Live vs. Recording Presets & Cab IRs

    Does anybody else feel the need to use separate presets/cab IRs for recording versus live? I find a lot of the built-in and third party presets sound great in recording situations. I've recorded on a few albums with ready made presets, and they sound and feel fantastic. There is a ton of...
  19. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    Today I get to talk about something very special. This is not a product release announcement (yet), but just talking shop about some gear in the OwnHammer stable. As such, I can be a little bit more direct with my language and imagery as there is nothing being sold in this post, just a blurb...
  20. Guitarjon

    Clean, crunch, rock and metal! (Q9b)

    Hi everyone! I just finished a new video for my channel. It's basically a demonstration of the Axe FX/AX8 with various OwnHammer IR's in about 8 different styles, mostly using different guitars and pickups. We start off with clean tones and end up with the really heavy 8-string stuff. I really...
  21. Guitarjon

    Some DT inspired (prog)metal

    Hi guys, Wanted to have some fun and write some DT-ish parts. I used the MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer 2x12 Zilla IR. Hope you enjoy!
  22. Guitarjon

    Some epic metal with asian influences

    Hey guys, Here's another new song. I used the Das Metal amp. It's such a cool amp model for big crunchy tones. I used an OwnHammer IR again from the Heavy Hitters Collection 2. It's an Emperor 4x12 IR with the C65 speaker option. Works great for (modern) metal. Hope you enjoy!
  23. Guitarjon

    That MKIV crunch with proggy riffs (dare I say Dj0nt?)

    Hey guys, Made a video with my new Schecter KM-7 guitar. It's a really killer axe, very solid guitar. I used the Mesa MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer Zilla 2x12 V30 IR from the Heavy Hitters Collection Volume II. Super cool amp model and great IR! I'm not really a 'djent' guy but I...
  24. Guitarjon

    Axe FX vs Amplitube vs Revalver vs TH3 vs Pod Farm vs 8505 vs Guitar Rig vs Helix: 5150 edition

    Hey guys, With all the 'vs' and modeler battle demos going on I thought it would be cool to do a few SDS style. We're comparing 8 different amp modelers in a full band context, just as you would use/hear them in real life. All of the amp modelers are running through the exact same OwnHammer...
  25. Guitarjon

    The heaviest sound I could conjure... (OwnHammer HHC2 EVH teaser...)

    Hi guys, I am so excited to be able to talk about the new OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection volume 2 pack. But before we talk, check out this teaser track. I used the EVH 4x12 cab with the highly sought after EVH speaker. I think it absolutely destroys :) There will be more teasers soon! Enjoy:
  26. Guitarjon

    Gnarly groove riffs with lush melodic vocals...

    Hey guys, Here's another tune from my new www.facebook.com/JvRband project. For this one I used my 8-string guitar. Recto red modern amp with a tubescreamer for tightness due to the low notes. And OwnHammer Recto 412 V70B blended with the famous Orange M25 from the Heavy Hitters Collection...
  27. Guitarjon

    DAS Metal for big roaring and melodic tones...

    Hey guys, Here's another song for my new project. This time it's a bit heavier and more progressive. I used my Schecter C-7 in drop-Ab with the DAS Metal amp. The ever so classic OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Collection Orange M25 was used for the rhythm tones and the Player Pack Recto 412 V70B for...
  28. Guitarjon

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted here so I figured I'd have to come back with a cool track! I remixed and re-amped this song today with the latest firmware. Both the guitars and bass were done with my Axe FX XL+. The recent OwnHammer Recto player pack is used extensively in this track...
  29. T

    First test with Axe-FX II and Ownhammer Impulses (Metallica content)

    Just found some free time at my studio to play with my new Axe-Fx II XL and recorded a really quick test (wasn't trying to emulate the Garage Inc. tone, just create some big clean and heavy guitars). I hope you like it!! Feel free to ask anything you want to know about the tone!!
  30. DTS

    AX8: Killswitch Engage

    AX8 with: Fas Modern and Ownhammer Heavy Hitters collection. Guitar: Mayones Regius 6 w/ BKP Juggernauts
  31. DTS

    High Gain shootout with Q8 (Engl, Diezel, Friedman, Recto, Soldano, Mark IV, FAS Modern, Das Metall)

    I made all of my rhythm tones from the beginning after I updated the new FW Q8b for AX8. I used the new motor drive parameter in all of the presets and i just love this new addon!!! I decided to record these tones and see how they compare against each other and i gotta say, that i have a nice...
  32. Guitarjon

    That baritone roar and juicy leads!

    Hi guys, I recently finished this video featuring the Axe FX XL+ and the OwnHammer 412 Recto IR's. I really dig how this baritone guitar sounds with the Axe FX. That big mid range roar is present in the rhythm parts and the lead solo part with the neck pick up has that warm juicy round solo...
  33. Guitarjon

    Testing Q7.02 with the new OwnHammer 'Core Tone Bundle'

    Hey guys, The tones I've been getting with Q7.02 are just insane so I really had to make a video. OwnHammer has also just released the new 'Core Tone Bundle' which is an insane pack. Can't get enough! :) It's a basic rock tune with 4 different types of tones: -Clean tone with the 65 Bassman...
  34. ownhammer

    OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle

    Hey everyone, Among many new libraries, I would foremost like to announce the release of the OwnHammer Core Tone Bundle! Based on the hardware in the image above, the Core Tone Bundle brings all the primary sounds and configurations that have electrified electric guitar over the years and...
  35. ownhammer

    Link to OwnHammer IR's Retired in Q7

    In the public release of Quantum 7, the following IR's were removed from the firmware and replaced by new OwnHammer offerings: FC057 - 4x12 SLM H75 (OH) FC142 - 1x12 DLX J12-PR MIX (OH) FC146 - 4x12 MAR-CB H-PR-55 MIX (OH) FC148 - 4x12 MAR-CB SB-75 MIX (OH) FC149 - 4x12 MAR-CB V30-CH MIX (OH)...
  36. Andrea Maccianti


    Here my humble tribute to one of my favorites! Mr. John Sykes!!! And one of the best solos that I've heard. The Backing Track it was made by me The Backing Track It was made by me except the keys that have been played by my pal Marco "Lord" Cossu.
  37. Guitarjon

    I took the Q7b2 plunge and it inspired 2 new songs to come out!

    It's safe to say I'm really loving the new Quantum 7 beta 2 firmware. I'm very glad to have taken the plunge! Fractal Audio and OwnHammer have also just released a new IR pack. It's the first OwnHammer 'Player Pack' in the FAS store and it's really good. I'd say these are the best vintage...
  38. Guitarjon

    Loading IR's into your AX8 or Axe FX, a beginners guide.

    Hey guys, I created a tutorial/guide about loading IR's into your Fractal gear. I see questions about this frequently so I thought this could be of use to beginners. Hope this helps!
  39. Guitarjon

    Trippy & melodic low gain tune (Whammy pedal + OH Cali Duo)

    Hey guys, Here's another tune I recorded recently. I used some Vox amp models paired with IR's from the recently released OwnHammer California Duo pack. For this song I'm only using the 212 3QTR cab. I really dig how that one sounds for low gain or clean tones. For the first section I used my...
  40. Guitarjon

    'Dreadneck' Some swampy rock (Euro RED)

    Hi guys, I recently made this track with my JTV-59 into the Axe FX XL+. The Euro red amp still is kind of like an undiscovered secret for me but everytime I try it I end up loving it. I was feeling kinda swampy, sound-gardeny when I wrote this track. For the cabs I used the M25 speaker option...
  41. Guitarjon

    Melodic, edge of break-up cleans, SM box, OH 212 3QTR and strings!

    Hey guys, It's time for something mellow, melodic and with a little emotion. I wrote and recorded this song a little while ago when I was trying out some new OwnHammer IR's from the new California Duo pack. The 212 3QTR cab is quite a special little gem that shouldn't be overlooked. For this...
  42. Guitarjon

    Rockin' the Q6 wah and Recto's (New OH California Duo TRAD)

    Hi guys, Haven't had a lot of time to hang around here lately but I'm happy to be back! I'm really impressed with the new Q6 Recto amps. I've always loved them but now Cliff has reached a new level of awesomeness! I'm also really diggin' the new wah's. Yeah, I'm a Hammett fan and not ashamed to...
  43. Guitarjon

    EVH fans, check this out! (5153 amp & new OH 412 EDVH pre-rola greenbacks)

    Hi everyone! :) Today I'm really excited because OwnHammer has released the new 412 EDVH dual speaker library featuring pre-rola M20 and M25 speakers and blends of both. I'm a huge fan of the EVH amps and speakers so this is a true delight. This release sounds so damn good as you'll hopefully...
  44. Guitarjon

    8-string prog GoPro playthough video! Q.4 Recto MDRN2 and OH ENGL goodness!

    Hi everyone! I finished this video today. I got a GoPro last week for my YouTube channel so I'm excited to share this video with you guys. All the tones are Axe FX of course and the main rhythm tones are Recto 2 mdrn. If you want to know more about the tones I recommend checking out the...
  45. Guitarjon

    My first playthrough video! (Brit800/JVM & OH pre-rola warmth!)

    Hi guys, I wanted to make my YouTube videos more interesting so I've started making playthrough videos. There are more coming soon in various genres, also ones with more lead work. This first video does feature vocals but all the guitar and bass parts were done with my Axe FX XL+. The crunchy...
  46. Guitarjon

    Axe FX amp model comparisons Vol.1: Mesa Boogie MK series (video inside)

    Hi guys, I thought it would be fun to make a new video series for my Sonic Drive Studio's YouTube channel in which we compare Axe FX amp models of similar voicing. Now, these comparisons aren't meant to be very scientific but they'll give you a good idea of the similarities and differences...
  47. Guitarjon

    Some good old rock 'n roll! (Smallbox, OH MAR-CB M20-PR, JTV-59)

    Hi friends! I just uploaded a new tune that I made to demo the new Ownhammer Marshall-CB G12M 'pre-rola' release. It's kind of inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Ac/dc but with some country rock vibes. The Friedman Smallbox worked so well for this tune. It's chewy and warm and it pairs...
  48. Guitarjon

    Bass guitar tone preset tutorial video!

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a video about creating good pop/rock/metal bass guitar tones with your Axe FX and OH bass IR's. I hope you find this video useful! If you have any questions you can ask them. My replies may be a bit slower than usual because I'm currently on a holiday in the south of...
  49. Guitarjon

    The Ownhammer Heavy Hitters Collection is out! (ORG 412, USA IIC++ clip inside)

    Hey guys, After months of anticipation the Ownhammer 'Heavy Hitters Collection' is finally OUT! As a beta tester I've had a great time testing this pack out, making mixes and recording clips. Kevin has been working on this pack for about 6 months and he has really worked his ass off. When you...
  50. R

    Own hammer IR help

    i downloaded the ownhammer free cab on their webpage. I tried uploading it to my axe fx, but it says I need to use fractal's cab utility software for it to work? Any help would be great!
  51. S


    I'm looking at purchasing some Ownhammer IR's but they are only WAV files. CAB Packs have Ownhammer IR's, so I'm not sure which one to get. Does Axe Edit import the IR (WAV)?
  52. Guitarjon

    New video for the new METALLICA MKIIC++ amp model in Q3.03! YEAAHHH

    Yes folks, you read that right! There is a new firmware coming soon and it features a new amp from and for Metallica. It's the new USA IIC++ amp model. At this point it isn't clear what this amp model is based on by I suspect that Cliff modeled one of their actual amps. So it could possibly be...
  53. Guitarjon

    New rock tune! 90's style? Ownhammer 2x12 Orange and Corncob grind!

    Hey all! I just uploaded this new track. I hadn't properly played guitar for about a month because of some hand issues I had going on. I'm back in the saddle again now so I had to make a new rock tune. So this track features a new cab by Ownhammer that is coming out in a day or 2 so stay...
  54. Guitarjon

    New video about (8-string) metal/rock guitar tones

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about 8-string guitar tones. I think this video can also be quite useful if you don't own an 8-string but just desire very tight metal/rock tones. Some very cool new Ownhammer cabs are previewed here as well. More videos are coming soon! I hope you enjoy...
  55. ownhammer

    OH 412 MES-OS and FAS Q3 HBE

    Mr. York busting out some chugs, among other riffery, for your listening pleasure. Q3 HBE amp model, new OwnHammer 412 MES-OS IR's. Enjoy! :)
  56. musicman700

    Debut Album "Contrasting Emotions" by my prog metal band Temple (GTRs / Bass -> AXE FX II)

    Hi Axe Fx dudes! Just want to share with you my band's debut album called "Contrasting Emotions". For all guitars and bass we used Axe FX II :) Hopefully you will like it, enjoy! \m/
  57. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB - FAS Q3 Deluxe Verb

    Mr. York is at it again, crushing some tunes using the Q3 Deluxe Verb model paired with new OwnHammer 112 DLXVRB IR's. Both the Normal and Vibrato channels were used. No post-EQ on the guitar tracks. Both speakers from the library were used in each of the clips as well. Hope you dig! :)
  58. Julien Meirone

    Metal, Sea and Sun

    Hi guys, this week i tested new type of metal sounds with the Das metal et the JVM 410. Let me know what you think of that ;) : Cheers
  59. ownhammer

    OwnHammer V4 Impulse Response Libraries

    Hello everyone, I'd like to proudly and officially announce the newest and final revision of the OwnHammer Impulse Response Libraries. The V4 IR's represent the culmination of the last 5 years of product development, both in terms of perfecting the capture process itself, but also in feature...
  60. Guitarjon

    Reggae-rock! Auto wah, AC15 and new OH Vox 2x12 content!

    Hi everyone! It's a sunny day today here in Holland so it's a perfect day for some skankin' reggae! Disclaimer: the true reggae purists might argue that this isn't completely traditional reggae all the way through :) Anyway so Ownhammer is releasing a new Vox 2x12 extension cab today with the...
  61. JJunkie

    Ownhammer Update?

    I think its time for Ownhammer to fill us in on what he's been up to. Too quiet by far on this forum, seeing as how he has been busting out various cabs lately - Diezel and now Engl. Please tell us more! I have always been been a fan of the Engl Savage model in the axe and recently I have...
  62. Guitarjon

    Chimey & grindey Q2.0 Vox tones!

    Hey everybody! I haven't played a lot through Vox type amps or cabs so I thought the new Quantum 2.0 FW and the new OwnHammer Vox 212 VX30 pack would be a great excuse to try make a cool demo. I really enjoyed making this because it's really different than other demo's I've done before. The...
  63. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 212 VX30 (V4) - Quantum 2 Firmware

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips of the newly released V4 OwnHammer 212 VX30 Impulse Response Library, which contains not only the iconic Alnico Blue speakers, but also the venerable vintage 'black back' 55 Hz G12M-25's. This library also contains an additional microphone, the SM58. All...
  64. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips I made of the OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB Impulse Response Library, which contains a speaker type I have never shot for any OwnHammer library and have been looking for flawless specimens of for a long time - that I happened to come upon late this past fall - pre-Rola...
  65. ownhammer

    OwnHammer JYC - Mean to Clean - FAS Quantum Amps

    Here's a fresh clip from the OH crew for the Justin York Collection - "Mean to Clean". Using the MES 412 cab from that library for all guitar tones on display, mean and clean alike. All guitar and bass using FAS Quantum amps and OwnHammer IR's. Enjoy! :)
  66. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 112 DLX - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody, hope you enjoy these new clips of the OwnHammer 112 DLX IR's! All guitars and bass are using Axe-Fx II amps and OwnHammer IR's. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, and has a great 2016! :)
  67. Guitarjon

    Tones that will RIP YOUR FACE OFF! OH EDVH, Pantera inspired.

    So last week was the day that Dimebag died in 2004. This made me want to come up with some really heavy tones inspired by this guitar hero. I literally wanted to make the heaviest (6-string) tones that I could and the only speaker IR's that offer these types of tones and also sound great were...
  68. C

    IR Loading Question- I'm Puzzled!

    I am playing through an identical IR mix I made through two different loading platforms and it's yielding different results. Can anyone, perhaps Cliff or Kevin, shine some light on this situation for me? I have the Ownhammer Justin York pack and made a 212 mix. I am using the same .wavs to work...
  69. Guitarjon

    Full instrumental progressive metal track! Ownhammer Orange v30

    I just uploaded a full new song on my soundcloud. It's a kind of progressive, melodic, groove track that I wrote with my 8-string. The new Orange Ownhammer IR's sound pretty HUGE in this track I must say. Check it out here if you like: Hope you enjoy!
  70. Sacha

    How about a threesome? Metal IR comparison clip that is!

  71. erockomania

    HBE on Quantum with new OwnHammer EWH cab mix... is... amazing.

    Hey guys! Ok, so I've been a Herbie chnl 3 whore for like a year... but, uh, I think the HBE on Quantum with the new OH EWH cab mix is my favorite thing ever. This is pretty much exactly the tone I've been hearing in the my head. Super quick throw-away riff here but damn... so juicy! Skervesen...
  72. Kjaris

    Two handed tapping lick free PDF using the new Quantum Firmware with OwnHammer IR's!

    USA IIc+ I use some different mixed IR's from Own Hammer More stuff at kjaris.com!
  73. J

    New Ownhammer IRs - Questions

    I just saw that the Ownhammer store now has a lot fewer IR packs available. I bought quite a few of Kevin's packs over the years and found that the new ones were typically "better" (=more to my liking) compared to older packs but the selection did indeed get a little complex (many packs, many...
  74. Guitarjon

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Woohoooo the new forum is up! I missed you guys :) Since the forum went down Ownhammer has released some great new IR's! This time Kevin has FINALLY released IR's of the famous Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cab! Not only is this probably the best IR pack I ever tried but it also features 2...
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