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ODS Fart? ODS Ford? Nope....ODS FORD MUSTANG!!!! Fw18 Yippieeh! :-)


Fractal Fanatic
Stuff gettin betta......the flute is back in town! Still some tweaking needed, but it's in there....listen to the first long notes and hear as the tone overplay the attack, low end is thight and top end sounds like a cat.....brrrrr:encouragement: ...at least on my speakers at home! The sound might be to dark for the most of you, but this is not a normal amp.....

And it's finally possible to change PUs and the lows still come soomth and compact without the fartness & flappiness.... (sorry, my words might have no sense, english is not my native language).

Me = happy! :D Thanks a lot to Master Cliff and team! Well done, well done! :ugeek


Sorry, just a few single notes - still suffering from back pain here, must hurt a back nerve a few days ago while lifting up something heavy...outch.....:numbness:

Patch will follow! Used the ODS Ford 2 with Rumble 4x12" EV12L stock IR, bit reverb, input trim 1.26 (still lacks of gain a bit, but this trick make it possible anyway). Guitar is my japanese LesPaul with Seymour Duncan '59 - as usual!


Distinctive - yes, this goes back to your older, great Dumblesounds- and playing.

What Masterlevel do you use? A Little bit more sustain (or gain, as you said) ist still missing. MOre of this!
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