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Need Help downloading axe edit for ultra

1.0.191 does not work at all for the ultra. Certainly not for my setup. Fractal needs to have more support for older models. And not leave their customers to desperately search the internet for hours or days to figure out a simple problem. I wasted so much of my time trying to fix this issue. Disappointed in fractal.
I got 1.0.191 working with my ultra after 6 hours of frustration. The next day, I booted up, opened the software and bingo.. it is still working. I have NO IDEA what the original issue is, but I DID find that connection to ultra could be (or seem to be) inconsistent and random.


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Just picked up and Ultra w/ FW 11 and ended up having to use .188 AxeEdit. So far it is working well. I restored the device to original presets and then copied all three banks over to my pc. I've ordered all the parts available and planning on doing some maint when they come in. I'll advise in a new thread. I have the EMU Xmidi that is working. I also have the Boss UM-1 but that is on another system. I'm running z390 i7 with 64gb of memory for a 2021.6 Protools machine, W10 Pro. fwiw...
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