axe edit for ultra

  1. derekbeaner

    Mac Mojave, Ultra, Axe Edit won't connect

    I know this has been addressed many times before, but none of the threads I could find solved my problem for me. I just got a used Ultra and am I trying to get it working on my mac. Sadness. I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice on getting Axe Edit 1.0.191 for the Mac to recognize the...
  2. Manuaba

    Factory reset restore problem

    Hello my name is IB from indonesia. I just bought a fractal ax fx ultra used with my savings money. I really want to have fractal tp with condition i can only buy axe fx ultra secondhand. I want to ask for help as much as possible I want to restore to the original settings via axe edit . And...
  3. R

    Axe edit and Ultra

    Hi all. I've been going through checking and/or updating software in all my gear. I hadn't used my Axe Edit software on my MacBook pro running Sierra 10.12 for quite a while (months) and have just connected it and tried to use it to edit some patches in my Axe Fx Ultra. Axe Edit can see the...
  4. R

    Need Help downloading axe edit for ultra

    I bought a new computer and am trying to figure out where to go to get the axe edit for my ultra. And then I need to update the firmware on my axe fx and connect axe edit to the ultra. Any help appreciated. Running windows 10. Focusrite 6i6 interface. Thanks
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