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axe edit

  1. M

    [Solved] Logic Pro Crashing with Axe-Edit running

    Hi all, recently upgraded to a Mac Mini M1 after years of using the Axe III and Logic on an Intel based MacBook. I have had a lot of trouble with Logic crashing on me (EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) and EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) errors). After going through most recommended fixes (remove all...
  2. L

    Default Input Change for All Presets?

    Ok, seemingly simple question, but it's sneaky... On AXE FX 3 Mark 2 or in AXE Edit Software (all latest updated software and firmware). Can I change the Global default Input of every preset to be Input 2 (or really anything but the standard default to Input 1), without having to replace the...
  3. taavila

    Axe edit doesn't update effect block status in some presets when engaged/disengaged through MFC101. Some presets works perfectly. Someone may help me?

    Axe edit doesn't update effect block status in some presets when engaged/bypassed through MFC101. Some presets works perfectly but others don't. Anyone have idea the reason ?
  4. B

    Axe fx II not working with Protools 2021/Big Sur/M1

    Hey everyone, Im new to the fractal community. Recently purchased a used axe fx II Mark II and im having issues with recording into protools. I have the latest driver installed (2019 version), latest quantum firmware (tried Aries II and found something lacking in tone). Everything works with...
  5. U

    Axe-Edit WORKING on OSX BigSur /M1

    Hi there. Since i have bought a new Mac and didnt wanted to part ways with my Axe Ultra i was a little let down that the Axe Edit is not supported anymore. But i probably found a one way solution. One way i mean that i managed to get it working on a MBP2020 /M1 Big Sur, but i can only edit and...
  6. R

    Axe Edit III doesnt find Axe - MacOS

    Hi, I have Axe Fx III connected over USB cable to my Mac Mini, but it doesn't find axe fx III for me ? i open it and it does nothing..... how do i troubleshot this issue or where do i find information to do it ? checked search of this forum - seems i cant find any information and it doesnt seem...
  7. M

    Axe-Edit, Pro Tools Crashing PC

    Hi all! So I recently got an Axe FX3 Mk1 and am loving it, however I seem to be running into an issue with my PC when using Pro Tools & Axe Edit together As soon as I try to open a session with the latest version of Pro Tools (Updated in December 2020) with Axe Edit open (Also the latest...
  8. diezel013

    Future release ideas/suggestions... Edit preset order/setlists wirelessly

    I love my Axe FX... Though I much prefer using Axe Edit vs the actual controls on the unit. Lately, having to take my unit back and forth from gigs, I've been thinking, how cool would it be if there was bluetooth or wifi connectivity to IOS/mobile devices, and you'd be able to rearrange/edit...
  9. C

    Missing Blank Preset Banks (any banks after 383)

    Hello all! I've just recently joined the ranks of the AXE and I am absolutely blown away. Such an amazing tool, and I'm just beginning to work out how to navigate everything. For reference, I purchased an Axe Fx II Mk. 2 pre-owned, and am using Axe-Edit on my Macbook Pro. Software/Firmware has...
  10. X

    Axe Edit wont connect to axe fx II xl

    I've updated everything, drivers, the axe edit software itself, i even updated the firmware using fractal bot. I've tried 3 USB cords and every USB port on my computer. Every time, my computer shows that the axe fx is connected to the USB port. But axe edit STILL won't connect. What other...
  11. locus

    Best Hardware / Computer for Axe-Edit III Use?

    All- Apologies in advance if this has been covered. I am brand new to Axe FX, amp modelers, and digital editing. I recently purchased an Axe FXIII and am enjoying it this far. I am ready to begin experimenting w Axe Edit and wonder..... 1- Mac vs PC / Windows and... 2- In either case, which...
  12. O

    axe edit for axe fx ultra / mac OS Catalina update impossible

    hello all ! I can't use axe edit after update my mac os to catalina. Is there a way to fix the pb, i'm very disappointed. :/ Thanks for help !
  13. Flyman1955

    Axe Edit and Bot updates

    Hi Fractal family, Having update issues with Bot and Axe Edit. I can't seem to update either from my mac. Is there a trick I am missing . Bot going from 2.11.1 to 3.0.2 and Axe Edit going from 1.8.7 to 1.9.1 Thanks in advance
  14. VittorioAngelo

    Wish Colored patch cords in Axe-Edit and Axe-Fx screen

    Hello Folks; Sometimes in a complex preset there's many patch cords running between blocks. In such a situation it would be helpful to have the patch cords rendered in different colors so one could discern where connections are running. Even better would be the ability to: Select a block Have...
  15. F

    Bug? Undetected Axe-Fx II Mark II

    Hi, I am running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 on a Mid-2015 Macbook Pro. I am trying to figure out why my Axe-FX II Mark II isn't detected by Axe Edit or Fractal bot anymore, because I can still record through the Axe Fx in my DAW without problem. Because I prefer not using USB, I use this path to...
  16. D

    Bug? Every Modifier Has the Same Settings

    Hey everyone, Since last update (Ares1.03), I haven't been able to use the ADSR since it's settings don't appear to change, it looks just like LFO settings. I noticed every modifier has the same settings too. This used to happen before this update, but just in the Axe-edit, in the Axe I was...
  17. Selltowitz

    Transfer Axe-Fx Ultra presets to Axe-Fx II

    Hey guys, dont know whether I'm right here or not. I couldn't find anything about this by using google or youtube: I recently got an Axe FX II and have been using the Ultra for about 6 years now. My question now is: Is there a way to transfer my Ultra presets to the II? I tried exporting .syx...
  18. H

    FC USB Port for Axe Edit (Wish)

    I wonder if it will be possible to access Axe Edit or FracPad by plugging a PC or tablet into the FC 6/12 USB port. Since FasLink II supports bi-directional communication, this seems to be quite a feasible possibility. I’m aware that the USB port is listed as “reserved for future use,” and...
  19. Jack Elliott

    Live reamp with Axe-Edit

    So, I can’t seem to find anything on this subject from any time before 2015-2016 so I was wondering if it’s possible now. Basically it’s an easy question. Can I use my Axe Fx II as my interface over USB into protools and reamp with Axe edit open? Then just adjust the tone through Axe edit while...
  20. G

    Issues with Axe-Edit and Logic...

    Good morning! I recently installed installed a new version of Logic Pro X and am experiencing the strangest problem.. If I have Axe Edit & Logic open, the volume of my selected track inside Logic increases slowly but surely, about a tenth of a decibel ever 3-4 seconds. It doesn't stop! There...
  21. J

    Wish Setup menu via Axe-Edit

    the entire setup menu should be editable via Axe Edit. Especially the midi settings
  22. Tumatauenga

    Not a Bug Ambient Stereo Delay Feedback R changes when focusing away from Feedback L

    Steps to reproduce: Put a delay block on the grid Change the type to "Ambient Stereo" Feedback L will default to 40%, and Feedback R will default to 10% Click into the edit field for Feedback L Without actually changing the value, click somewhere else to focus away from the edit field Feedback...
  23. rascarvalho

    [Bug] Axe-Edit - Preset-Cab Bundle Export

    Hi there! I've noticed that Axe Edit (3.14.3) didn't export a preset-cab bundle with more than 1 user cab. If cab block has more than 1 user cab (x or y, or stereo mode), when I export a preset bundle, it just include the fist cab. The others don't. Does anyone have this problem too? It there a...
  24. A

    Axe-Edit (for AFX2) backwards compatible?

    Fractal website no longer shows the original Axe-Edit for download. Going to be working at a friend's house to re-amp and want to use the Axe-Edit on desktop. Can only see the Axe-Edit software that is available for AFX2 and 3. Are they backwards compatible?
  25. mrechtien

    AXE Edit 3.14.3 - Quad Chorus - Master Pan - defaults to 100%

    When double-clicking the the control it resets to +100% The default value should probably be 0%? This was tested on Mac OS X High Sierra Greets, Markus
  26. Manny Fufish

    Wish Plug-in Architecture for Pedal Interface in Axe Edit

    Hi Folks, I have been working a lot on a new analog rig consisting of a Mesa Boogie Lonestar and a bunch of great new pedals mostly made by Strymon. I'm very happy with my results and it has made me think about how easy to configure these pedals are. You can almost do no wrong and they are...
  27. CactusTone

    Wish VU Meters in AXE-EDIT

    Is it possible to make a side bar or peripheral mini-window in AXE-EDIT that would provide visual access to the VU Meters at all times? It's a great feature on the screen of my XL+, however, every time I modify a parameter, the meters disappear, requiring a recall of the VU Meter screen by...
  28. ralphonz

    Does anyone else have issues trying to organise presets?

    There are 767 slots on my axe fx II XL. Managing them while allowing space for the creation of new sounds is a daunting task. Should they be organised by timbre? Where you leave spaces for new sounds? What happens when new versions of factory presets are released? I'm using a RJM mastermind...
  29. Manuaba

    Restore factory reset on ultra problem, n axe edit

    Hello my name IB from indonesia. I just bought a fractal ax fx ultra used with my savings money. I really want to have fractal tp with condition i can only buy axe fx ultra secondhand. I want to ask for help as much as possible I want to restore to the original settings via axe edit . And...
  30. B

    Minimum System Requirements

    Hey all, I was thinking of buying a netbook, probably an asus eee pc, to solely run axe edit. The portability of a laptop is highly appealing to me in this scenario, and I'm honestly not looking to spend anything outrageous. What are the minimum system requirements for axe edit? It's...

    Wish: would love to have the VU METERS on the axe edit

    the ideal case would show the same as the one on the ax8. If that's not posible would be ok even if it shows only the max db sensed.
  32. monkeyrg570

    Bug? sctrachpads dont sound auditioning from cab lab or axe edit

    I can't audition cabs from axe edit or sent to scratchpad via cab lab 1 - Ive tried the same cabs imported and they work fine , can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem please I can however load a scratchpad in axe edit then go to my block and select scratchpad and it will sound , but soon...
  33. S

    Axe Fx 2 won't show up in playback devices.

    I'm not sure this counts as a bug, hence why I'm posting here. Anyhoo, my Axe isn't showing up as a playback device on my computer and it's also not connecting to Axe Edit, the thing is it was working fine yesterday, but it decided to just bug out today. I've tried using a different USB cable...
  34. Malcolm P

    Axe Edit mutes track in DAW.

    Hey, guys! I am running into an issue with Axe Edit muting my tracks in sync with the tempo coming from the Axe Fx. I am using an Axe FX II XL plus, Logic Pro X 10.2.4 on MAC OSX 10.11.6. Whenever Axe Edit is closed and not in use everything works fine, but as soon as it opens and connects...
  35. Max Haze

    Axe Fx tips and tricks - New weekly video series. Find out more here...

    Starting today I am charing my weekly tips and tricks about the Fractal audio Axe Fx. This week I will show you how you can use the quick control on the front of the Axe Fx. In this video we go true how to sign up the level control on your amp block to one of the knobs on the quick controls on...
  36. E

    New to Fractal Audio

    Hi guys, I recently bought an Axe FX Ultra and am loving it (playing downtuned metal/post-hardcore). The truth is that it's a beast of a machine and learning how to fully use it will take time. Wanted to ask a few questions that will help me get on my way. Answer all or a few - anything would...
  37. APE

    Aex-Edit: Create Scene

    I want to use scenes with my FCB-1010 pedal to change sounds, while avoiding the signal dropping that I experience when switching presets. Please show me any videos on creating scenes through Axe-Edit. The manual and videos I've watched don't explain how to do that. Thank you,
  38. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Any XL+ users willing to help me with patches?

    Hey guys, I have 7 .syx files from an XL+ that I need to recreate onto my Mk. II. I'm really hoping someone will be willing to load the files into their AxeEdit, and send screenshots of the signal chain, parameters of each effect etc. I don't have anyone locally that can help me out, and...
  39. Jason King

    Axe Edit Amp Block problems

    Hey guys I'm an Axe owner a week today. I've turned on Axe edit today and after recalling the Nuclear preset when I switch patches the ability to change between amps is gone. The effect valu is blanked out. I can change the amp on the Axe itself but not on Axe Edit. Uninstalled Axe Edit and...
  40. ralphonz

    Compressor Gain reduction meter

    It would super super useful to see the compressor gain reduction meter in axe edit other than just on the screen. A similar meter for the gate would also be very useful. Does anyone else feel this would be beneficial?
  41. F

    Downloaded USB Driver - cannot find Axe Edit

    Hi I'm the proud owner of a second hand AXE FX 11 for the last 48 hours and whilst I've found some awesome sounds already, I'm having real problem with getting the Axe Edit application to run on my laptop. I've downloaded the USB Driver and followed all the instructions, however, cannot find...
  42. ibanman555

    External MIDI Controller & Axe Edit

    My apologies if this was posted elsewhere, but didn't see it. I am curious if there is a way to use an external controller (such as the Behringer BCR-2000) to control the parameters and knobs within Axe Edit. I know I can connect directly to the Axe Fx, but I'm looking for a tactile solution in...
  43. R

    Need Help downloading axe edit for ultra

    I bought a new computer and am trying to figure out where to go to get the axe edit for my ultra. And then I need to update the firmware on my axe fx and connect axe edit to the ultra. Any help appreciated. Running windows 10. Focusrite 6i6 interface. Thanks
  44. andrecichellero

    M-Audio Midisport Uno + Axe Ultra = doesn't work

    Hi to everyone! I post this as a comment to an old threat (2011), but probably it'll be more visibile here. I bought the Midisport Uno, to run my Axe Fx Ultra. I have a MacBook Pro 15" (mid-2012) with OS X El Capitan (10.11.2). All the drivers needed are installed. I wanted to install the...
  45. smfelton

    wish: Ability to add a simple note to a preset.

    I would find it really useful if I could add a simple text note to the preset in Axe Edit, things like version number any performance settings, external controller functions etc. at a quick glance. At the moment you have to try to fit it into the preset name field, I would rather it was in...
  46. nznat

    Replace png files with vector images for much better resolution

    The program is great, but please can the graphics be upgraded to allow for vector based images throughout axe edit so they don't look so fuzzy. Also if axe edit had an options menu for graphics, then we could have the option to set which screen we are using at home or elsewhere. Most screens now...
  47. D

    Axe Edit Wish? Saved Value Indicator?

    Hi all, I didn't even know how to title this wish. Just throwing this out for consideration, it's a feature I've experienced on other rack gear (don't remember which), that I thought might be useful. What I picture would be an indicator over each virtual rotary control that when you changed...
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