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Mr. Mister - "Broken Wings"


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Hey I made this for my wife, who is battling cancer and a serious heart condition at the moment. I suck at video/audio synchronization. I used CAE amp blocks for this. Just the rhythm and the clean models.

I wasn't trying to "nail" the exact tone. I was going for my modern interpretation of this 80's refrigerator rack tone. I only used one slate plug-in on my guitar channel to mix it into a midi I found online, and "fixed" a little bit to suit me better.

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

Edit: CABS are from Clark Kent's HALLOWEEN PACK @ML SOUND LAB

Edit 2: I decided to try Cliff's recommendation and set my input to ".5" . I am using Duncan CUSTOM CUSTOM and I feel like this gives me better touch with the front end of the amp block. I recently lowered my pickups, which gave me better results, and the half-power input setting is making it even better for me. One clarification: I am playing 11-54's tuned to E standard, so I am sending alot of energy into my pickups, that other guys using 9-42's aren't sending. I think lowering my pickups and turning down the input is putting me more in line with the signal strength those guys might get, and the Axe III is responding better. @FractalAudio
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What a huge sound.... sounded fantastic!

Looking forward to hearing the good news that your wife has beaten the cancer and her heart condition has been resolved.
Much love to you and your wife as you deal with this.


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Prayers sent for both of you.
Your playing sounded great. What chair is that?
LOL - I don't make commission off this?

It's a "gaming chair" from Staples. I paid about $125 for it, as I recall. The arm rests lift up for gaming, like XBOX, PS4. And I raise the right arm so I can play guitar. Truthfully, I wish the arm rests actually went a little further out of the way, but it still works alright for playing guitar because I of course lean forward to play. It doesn't interfere too badly even when I lean back between takes.
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