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MOONFLOOD: Kraken Lullaby


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I have a few questions:

1) Does your band name suggest there is water on the moon or is it in relation to the tides?
2) Who packs her harp around for her?

Sounds good regardless of answers. :)


Thank you for that tasty treat! The composition was very enjoyable and what a great and unique combination of instruments and styles.
I can only imagine what the jam was like and how awesome it must have been jamming with such talented and creative musicians. Hope to hear more from you all soon. Rock on!


Absolutely love the harp! It added a beautiful layer of melodic dimension that set the emotion of the song! Nicely done!


Thanks guys! Glad you like it :D

@biggness: you can interpret the name the way you want it! isn't it cool? :D


Really cool mixture of instruments, great musicianship, and ask the harp-player if she'll marry me.

Jokes aside, it sounds pro, and its innovative.

And dont forget to ask the harp-player about marrying me. Hahaha.


Dig! But sorry man, left-handed bassists aren't allowed. Heh. But f'reelz, very atmospheric. I like the drumming too. :) Great work.

**Wait, is everyone a lefty (except the harpist)?! That's WAYYY not allowed. Some expensive gitboxes therein if that's the case. ;)
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