ML Brit TV vs ML Brit PR75


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My buddy David Wallimann was kind enough to demonstrate the new Cab Pack 20: ML Brit Collection that's coming out this month. Read more about it here:

Most of you are probably familiar with Cab Pack 8: CK Brit TV. It is included in Cab Pack 20 as a bonus in case you don't have it yet. Although that pack was released almost a year ago there are still threads about it in here at least once every month. I want to thank you for that support! It really means a lot and surely my plan is to dive deeper into this "Brit" hole.

I think David's video does a really good job demostrating what to expect from this Brit Collection. It is more "Brit" than anything I've experienced before. Cliff can't stop talking about the PR55. I can't stop talking about the PR75. The HW (based on the cab AC/DC uses) is even better than the TV. 80s is extremely retro almost like it was designed to sound old and now it is old so it's double old? I'm sure the indie guys will go nuts for it.

I can't wait to here where David takes that song. Please subscribe to his channel for more and if you need more guitar skills he's your guy. :)
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