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  1. shaunb

    Evolve - HBE C45 & Recto1 Red with ML Mars PR-H75

    Quick test run of the PR-H75 Mix A IR from ML Sound Lab Mars PR Bundle cab pack with a Friedman and a Recto. For cab pack details visit https://ml-sound-lab.com

    ML Mars PR Cab Packs | IR's based on four Marshall™ pre-Rola™ Greenback cabs [ML Sound Lab]

    Check out the introductory deals: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ Comparison of all four cabinets: Same setup for all sound samples - Axe-Fx III with default amp settings on the Plexi 50W Jumped amp sim. I highly recommend you try that amp sim with default settings. It was the closest amp sim to my...

    1970 Plexi: ML Legends vs ML Brit Big Bundle

    Fractal Audio just released the new ML Legends Cab Pack which is dedicated to "modern sounding pre-Rola speakers". I've been receiving a lot of questions about what that exactly means so here's a comparison of the ML Legends "pre-Rola G12M 75hz Greenback" vs the more vintage sounding ML Brit Big...

    Fractal Audio Cab Pack: ML LEGENDS IS OUT NOW!

    Get the pack from here: https://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_Legends_p/fas-801-0052b.htm EDITED: Preview video! EDIT #2: Amazing runthrough my Zack Munowitz: Back story: (skip to "About the pack" if you're not interested) An epic pack deserves an epic trailer. :) Where to begin? Being able...
  5. Guitarjon

    Some good old rock 'n roll! (Smallbox, OH MAR-CB M20-PR, JTV-59)

    Hi friends! I just uploaded a new tune that I made to demo the new Ownhammer Marshall-CB G12M 'pre-rola' release. It's kind of inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Ac/dc but with some country rock vibes. The Friedman Smallbox worked so well for this tune. It's chewy and warm and it pairs...

    FREE ML Cab Pack 20 Preset-Cab Bundle: JMPre-1 & Brit PR75

    Last year was one of the best years in my life so far and one of my biggest achievements was Cab Pack 20: ML Brit 4x12 Collection. While I'm extremely happy that so many of you went and got this pack I also understand that some of you don't know what it's all about. It's an ultimate collection...
  7. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB - FAS Quantum Amps

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips I made of the OwnHammer 412 MAR-CB Impulse Response Library, which contains a speaker type I have never shot for any OwnHammer library and have been looking for flawless specimens of for a long time - that I happened to come upon late this past fall - pre-Rola...

    AX8 + Brit 800 + Cab Pack 20

    I'm a bit speechless. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. :)

    ML Brit TV vs ML Brit PR75

    My buddy David Wallimann was kind enough to demonstrate the new Cab Pack 20: ML Brit Collection that's coming out this month. Read more about it here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ml-brit-collection-the-mothership.105956/ Most of you are probably familiar with Cab Pack 8: CK Brit TV...
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