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In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

Production samples due soon. We made some last minute changes to the design which include a "US/UK" voicing switch. That pushed the schedule out a bit.

So no need to get nasty...

Are we getting close to a point where we can start talking about when the wait list will be started?


The Torpedo stuff is an inaccurate load. A real speaker resembles a 4th-order network, at a minimum. The Torpedo products use a 2nd-order approximation to reduce component costs as this eliminates the large, expensive inductor that models the speaker mass. Our load is 4th-order. Furthermore our load is dynamic, the inductance varies with applied voltage like a real speaker. If you can't wait the Suhr reactive load may be a better choice.
Cliff I want to thank you for all your hard work. I will buy your LB-2 and use it with my XL to process my tube amp output. No doubt it will sound better than the Torpedo Studios I have. However, I am still hoping for the LB-1 your top of the line product. I will wait while you work your magic and not return to Two Notes for a third Torpedo Studio. Someday Fractial products LB-1s and LB-2s will dominate my studio.

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First pics of the production samples

Just take my money already :)

The X-Load LB2 is perfect Cliff.
I'm using my Axe Fx II XL+ or AX8 95% of the time in a studio setting and 99% of the time live, but I've also on occasion been using an old Palmer PDI-3 8 Ohm load box with a few of my heads into the Axe Fx XL+ for cab sims and efx's.
I was eying the Suhr Load but held out for this - glad I did. looks killer and the US / UK switch is a great idea.
Can't wait to buy one or two of these.


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First pics of the production samples
Cool...thanks for the preview and congrats getting the first production batch in your hands.

Production samples due soon. We made some last minute changes to the design which include a "US/UK" voicing switch.
Interesting...can you elaborate on the general differences between the two, as far as sound/response, perhaps why a user might prefer one over the other, etc.?

We're expecting a shipment in the next few weeks.
Ahhh that's great....


Alright, then... It seems pretty obvious that I'll be ordering a bunch of those for my store. Looks pretty awesome to me! Well done, guys!
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