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In case you have seen this yet


They've come so far with their robot tech in the last decade. This is mindblowing.

I'd like a version without the music to understand the huge amount of noise these massive machines make bouncing around like that. :D


Some people think we already are living in the Matrix (or as they call it "the simulation"). There's really no way to tell, but eventually it's all but certain to become the more "optimal" way to live.


I've been following Boston Dynamics for the last 10 years. Even 5 years ago the Cheetah, and others were impressive and scary then. It was a big deal when they got the robots to balance and run through snow and ice, running a two stroke motor for power on their back . Now the movement is so fluid, more so than my arthritis ridden body lol.

Check out Boston Dynamics on youtube!
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