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I Lost my wife last night

22 frets

So sorry to hear of your loss. Try to stay strong. Although it does not seem like it now, time helps ease some of the pain. I will keep you in my thoughts. Thanks for sharing the photo.


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I can't imagine what that must feel like.....

Stay strong and always reflect upon the good times....honor their time and life rather than mourn it 🙏


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Hi @Xrocker

Not much can be said except we feel for you and hope you can find ground soon. If there's anything that I can do (obviously messages from thousands of miles away is about it!), hit me up - always up for a chat. Hope you have some family support through this period.


After a horrific five year battle with cancer my life partner is finally out of pain.

She walked in to one of my shows 24 years ago and we’ve been together ever since.we never saw the point of a formal ceremony but we shared all of life’s ups and downs and were as there for each other as much as any couple could ever be.

Its a rare thing to find someone who could put up with a music obsessed musician for 24 years. I know it wasn’t easy.

I could always call her in the middle of the night to talk about how my show went. I’m going to miss that.

Love you babe! I’ve lost my anchor and I’m so lost without you.


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I offer my sympathy and condolences, and want to express my hope that you'll be able to stay with us, your friends from this community.
Thanks Matt.
I’ve been a Fractal Fanatic since 2008z I’m Fractal for life. I will always be a part of this community and my only hope is that some of the music I create with the AxFx will live longer than I do.

The outpouring from the Fractal community is truly is truly appreciated and is making a difference.

Musicians have always had bonds of brotherhood, but this feels close to family!


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Sorry to hear this.
I'm with you.
My condolences.

I met my wife 21 years ago in a Metal Club and since then we are together and I raised with her 3 daughters she already had.

Last Friday she had CT and cancer is back...
1st diagnosis was December 2019.

Now we will see if second surgery or other therapy is possible...
Hey Raccoon, so sorry to hear about your wife . I wish you both the best of luck.
Be sure and ask your wife’s doctors to biopsy her tumor and do a STRATA test on it. That will determine if she is a candidate for any genetically targeted treatment for her. There are more of those treatments available than ever before.

It takes a real man for a musician to take the responsibility for raising an instant family. I know your wife knows that you will always be there for her and the kids.


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Wow, I'm taken aback by the way I'm feeling toward someone I don't even know, who lives thousands of miles away from me.
But realize it's because we are human; with all our differences in life, death is what we have in common.

We are defined by what we leave behind and if one is fortunate to have found true love, that is a worthy gift to pass on. Thank you Xrocker, for in your expressions you are sharing her love.
Something the whole world is always in need of.

Condolences to you good sir and God bless.


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My Condolences I lost my wife 7 months ago After 30 years together Absolutely the hardest thing I've ever been through. One day at a time my friend God-bless


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I’m still standing was the story that Denver’s entertainment newspaper wrote 20 years ago when I first re-invented the crazy career path that I’m still on.


That’s quite the write-up!

Really, the deeper into my solo music I get and the more I talk to other musicians about putting a band together based off that music, the more I want to be able to perform it all live on my own. I’ve been playing bass, drums, guitars and singing equally for the last 28 years. I love them all equally and the idea of being able to pull my music off alone onstage is becoming just as appealing as recording my own music to begin with.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do with the next year as I’m picking up the pieces; start figuring out a way to pull this off entirely by myself.

I wish you all the best in your coming time, my friend. Some days I feel like I can take on the world because I made it through the last two weeks and then I have a night like tonight where I just feel like I’m going to explode.


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I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Prayers for you, my friend. As Matt noted earlier, stay connected.
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