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I Lost my wife last night


Oh man, good luck with that, keep us posted (if you want).

My wife's been cancer free for quite a while now, but I don't take anything for granted. All of this is fleeting, whatever we wish.
Thank you very much...
We hope the best and thinking positive.

And wishing your wife that it stays away.


So sorry for your loss. I appreciate your letting us know what you’re experiencing; please let us know how you’re doing, as you continue through this fundamental life change. You have a lot of friends here that care about you.
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I don’t wish that on my worst enemy, I’m sorry to hear that, brother.

I lost mine as well, under different circumstances, but it was my biggest fear in life. While the road ahead is not easy, I’m still standing and you will as well.

Never hesitate to reach out if you need an unbiased ear.


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Very sorry to see this news. Sending my sincere condolences, brother. I don't know what I'd do without my wife. May the pain of your loss be short and the loving memories be forever.

Greg Ferguson

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I'm really sorry to hear that.

Give yourself lots of time to breathe, grieve, get together and talk to your friends about your memories and the pain and flush out the pain. We do that with the husband of a friend of ours who died last year, and it's been good for all of us.

It's something that I have to look at occasionally; My girlfriend has had some physical problems her entire life, has fought them, but we both know they'll wear her down eventually and it's scary and I'm not looking forward to going through that.

Best wishes.


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hugs man. remember the good times and embrace the good memories. she sounds like a great lady and may she rest in peace.


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Not sure what to say, other than sorry for your loss, and I know what it feels like to loose a family member to cancer. My 12-year younger brother died 2 years ago, a week before his 43rd birthday, and I remember the day he told me his cancer had returned thinking, my brother is going to die before me. Unfortunately I was right. It really bothers me that more money isn't diverted from other things to put an end to this killer.
Echoing all the other sentiments that others have said...
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