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I come bearing gifts......sing along


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Ahh, the elusive SSS!
I remember when those were in every pawn shop window selling for a mere straw penny.
FedEX that overnight early morning delivery already!


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How does one get their hands on those schematics.. I would think those would be hard to come by. Not that I'm questioning you.. but on such a coveted amp and amp builder wouldn't the schematic be all ya need, (other than the parts) to build your own?
Although I guess all you would need is to get your hands on one and reverse engineer it.


I do enjoy me an amp with a good backstory, and if we see a "Tex-Axe Triple S" (at least that is what I think it should be called) model, Yek will clearly have to add a few pages to the Wiki guide to retell it all properly

Hope all works out both in your business dealings Tex, and for a new amp modeling seeing the light

Tex Axe

I think we can count this one out since I dont have a sss to send...
I could record the ultra phonic and send layout but im selling that amp...
I have the layout of that 50watt amp and can re record that but evidently
they need the actual amp vs schematics voltages ect..
I can re record the amp into Q6.2 a stem track with no efx ect...
perhaps that would help but Id as soon not ship that amp anywhere as its
for sale at the moment .. If the amp sells Im building another SSS up
with the correct specs and tubes....that could take a year to find the parts again...
The amp that is built has 12 ax7s and the correct voltages but the wrong pre amp tubes...
Thats because there was an amp available on the market being advertised as the real deal.
I owned one and it did not sound anything like the original since that time of owning and selling that,
we were told the original voltages and how to correctly bias and as of this year last month,
we find out that amp is a FRAUD and the originals did not use 12 ax7 tubes at all so
I could send that but it would not be 100% accurate... I have to build another one....
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Tex Axe

While the Dumble tone isn't my thing, I have to admit that some of the tones of this clone are superb:

Taylor got that information illegally from Greg D Clark
read my post below Taylor is going to prison for Fraud if he does not cease and desist and so is Jelle Wellegan
Brandon might want to re think his lie too the public also as its going to be humiliating in court for them all..

My Estate attorney has this on court record BTW and his advice was to let them build up some cash and then
to let them hang themselves...

That Garbage is not even close to the real thing..
I could put whip cream on dog shit but you still would not want to eat it..

Read the facts below...
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