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How to reduce pick attack?


Using a Friedman sim with my prs I would have less pick attack tone... How can I do that?
I've had some luck with multi-band compression applied to a narrow range around 2k-2.5k. I could never get that pick attack parameter on the AxeFXII to do anything :). Ultimately, if I'm having trouble with pick noise, I have to address it by turning my pick to strike the string at an angle or pick softer.

Before you get too hung up on pick noise, listen to Dimebag's isolated Walk solo :).

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Hi sauro_on_guitar, double checked my suggestion ... no improvement. Sorry for the irritation. Only wanted to help :coldsweat:


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Hi unix-guy, looking at the complete ADSR, you are right! I only wanted to set focus on attack ... sorry. My wrong suggestion - reg. Input Level - I already excused.
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