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FX8 V5.04 Released


New Member
@Admin M@ Not that you should upgrade more features, but you should fix the 5.04 issue
Hi Joe and others,

While I think it may have become unlikely that the FX8 will get another firmware update, I want to let you know in the same breath that we have made some deep changes to ensure that firmware updates for the FM3 shouldn't require anything near the level of "porting" that the AX8 and FX8 did. Some of these changes were architectural, others were procedural, and others were organizational. The "unified family" strategy is one of the hidden benefits to spill over from the Axe-Fx III redesign. Only time will prove what I'm saying, but FM3 owners will truly enjoy the updates we'll offer.

I also want to speak to the comment that FX8 or AX8 were "abandoned". Each of these products had a long "run" with plenty of firmware updates. Their widespread use around the world demonstrates that they sound great, work great, and will continue to be used by pros, semi-pros, hobbyist and bedroom players for years to come. A member here posted a stark comparison about a $1000 competing product which hasn't had a firmware update in over ten years.
Not that you should upgrade more features, but you should fix the 5.04 issue
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