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Free Preset Pack - FW 1.06

Joe Bfstplk

Fractal Fanatic
Leon: "I hope you're all excellent!"

Me: looks outside and weeps...

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These presets will make it all better though. Thanks.
At least you don't have to wonder if there is air - you can see it!

I am downwind a ways in PHX, near DVT, and the air quality has been bad enough here. Can't imagine trying to breathe that which you call 'air' there....

Joe Bfstplk

Fractal Fanatic
How do you install the cabs? they are showing as .wav files that I can't import...help for a noob? Thanks!
Open the Cab Manager, open the sidebar on the left, and drag the folder full of files onto it. Once loaded in the sidebar,, you can drag them into the cabs list and AxeEdit will convert them....


I love the idea of saving blocks. A number of my presets contain blocks that I have taken from some of your packs! Thanks again!


Killer Stuff Leon...…. How do I select the random LFO you used in your cheat code wah?

Couldn't get it to copy and paste to another preset the same way and didn't see a selection for it.

Watched your wah vid ….Would the envelope follower be ok for auto wah with maybe a little slower attack/release settings?


Just tried out the Cheat Code

Morphing it into “my thing” as we speak.

Thanks, this’ll be used.
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