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Free Preset Pack - FW 1.06


Fractal Fanatic
Hey all,
Here's a free preset pack for FM3 FW 1.06, which builds on my previous packs. There's some really fun presets in here that make use of things like modifiers (ADSR, random LFO's, pitch modifier etc) as well as overlooked ways to use blocks like the Multitap and Plex Delay. There's also some free IR's, which most of the presets use, included. Enjoy!



  • Leon Todd FM3 Presets 1.06.zip
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At fifty years old, despite being computer-minded, I feel like a guitar technology dinosaur! I found bliss in the early 1992 with a PRS, three pedals, & a Marshall half stack. Then, in 1993, came my block letter 5150 & Rocktron Intellifex. Who needs more than that?! :)

In the last couple of years, I've been coaxed into the amp modeling, home recording world. My FM3 came last month. I find you to be a great tether between electric guitar, technology, & keeping it MUSICAL...I say THANKS!!!!

(Just updated my firmware & your new presets. The 'build your own preset' video from the other day opened my Fractal eyes/ears quite a bit. The Block Library effect-capture idea seems like a powerhouse in itself).


Leon... Thank you so much for this and all your contributions . The Synth presets are awesome . Your cab Ir's are the only ones I use lately.. Seem to fit perfectly . I see that the ones included are in .wav format. Was there a reason for this ?
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