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* EDIT: Up-to-date information is available in Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio Amplifier Models *

Supertweed: a Fractal Audio custom amp model

Fractal Audio has added a considerable number of custom amp models to the collection. These virtual amps have no real-life equivalents. They solely exist within Axe-Fx II and AX8, surpassing the electronical limitations of traditional amps.

The Supertweed is such a custom model. It was ported from the Standard/Ultra, after Axe-Fx II users asked for it. It’s been called a “Tweed on stereoids”, probably a Tweed Deluxe.

It’s an awesome model if you’re looking for a vintage tone.

The model starts to distort at low volume levels already. Don't hesitate to set Input Drive really low, i.e. 0.75. No need to tweak the other controls a lot.

You can use the Tweed Deluxe stock cab but other ones, such as a greenback or AlNiCo, also work well.

The Supertweed is not a real amp, so there aren’t any videos to show here. Here are a clips of the model by forum members @Heinzi and @steadystate.

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Really had fun playing with this amp today- simple patch but sounds really good. I like it turning up the negative feedback too.
The Supertweed is my favorite model in the Ultra, which by the way, was the unit I used to make that clip. So that patch won't work with the II. At first audition, this model might sound dreadful. You need to work with it to expose its almighty glory. When its dialed in, holy $hit! I even prefer it over the Supro model in the II for early Zep. IMO, it is a unique model, with characteristics that none of the other models have. It SLAYS for songs like The Lemon Song, Whole Lotta Love, Heatbreaker, and the like. Of course, the IRs are just as important. A tone match with the II should vastly reduce the time it took to get that tone with the Ultra's stock IRs and PEQ blocks.
@Heinzi - which cab(s) did you use in your clip? and did you put a drive in front? that tone is great and would work for so many classic tunes
Steadystate can you tell us anything about the reverb or delays used in the heartbreaker patch. I still think it is one fine piece of work. I tried the settings in the reverbs but could not get the sense of space in your clip.
Holy smokes, I played around with this amp tonight. Love it. Nobody should be allowed to have this much fun!!!
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