FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

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I am pleased to announce the release of OMG9, a set of foot switch layouts for the FM3 when used with a single FC-6 controller.

Once the OMG9 layouts are loaded in the FM3, it remains “parked” on a special layout which changes functions on the FC-6. For example, when you tap the left switch of the FM3, the FC-6 changes to “Presets Mode”. When you tap the center FM3 switch, the FC-6 switches to “Scenes Mode”, and so on. OMG9 provides everything that most players need, but of course all of its settings can be changed or customized to suit your personal needs.

During FM3 beta testing, I tried this combination and the test team and I quickly recognized it as a "killer app". One cheeky forum post later and the name "OMG9" was born :)

OMG9 requires an FM3 running firmware 1.02 or newer. Here's how it works.

1. The three switches of the FM3 change the mode of the FC-6 between presets, scenes, and effects.
2. These modes on the FC-6 provide everything you need for basic switching and operation of the FM3.
3. "Bonus" features include press-and-hold access to the tuner, looper, and "More" scenes (since only six fit on the FC-6.

EDIT, June 2021: As of FM3 firmware 4.0, OMG9 can be installed automatically on the FM3 under SETUP: FC Controllers: Reset

You can also download the layout files and user guides on our web site at:

OMG9-Guide.pdf 2020-04-06 12-20-10.png
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Will this erase any presets I have already created or just override the layout on the FM3 and FC6?
Clever idea

I did similar with external switches on my FC6 using it with the III. Real simple to easily get to any page you want and have 6 scenes or presets etc never more than one button press away
Yes, OMG9 slays. It’s quick, it’s very intuitive, and it requires minimal use of your brain — so you can concentrate on playing. Lots of clever tricks happen under the hood, so you can reserve your own clever tricks for your playing.

Truly a killer app. :cool:
Is it the same setup guide for an FC12, or is something different?

I hate to say I haven't even plugged together my FM3 and FC12 yet. Still just trying to get through the presets the first time!
Awesome! I can't wait to try this. Just yesterday I was debating about whether to mainly run the FC-6 in the effect view or scenes view. I never thought about switching between them with the FM3. Great idea!
This will be great especially for anyone coming from the AX8! Ready-to-go setup very similar to what you are used to, without having to learn all the ins and outs of the FC switching right away. I was only just starting to explore integrating the FC6 and this is very much what I was looking to do. :cool:
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