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Coming Soon


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I'd like future firmware to include a "Shut Up and Take My Money" feature that links Fractal directly to my bank account to automatically purchase every new Fractal product as it becomes available. Then it would display notice on the LCD that new gear has been shipped.
It could be named the "soon" button...


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Will it also need an independent and completely separate FW development stream or will it share Axe FX II FW releases ?

Rocket Brother

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Cool - Ticks all the right boxes for me

I use my Axe II 95-99% of the time live and in the studio, but I still have a few very nice tube amps and could definitely see myself getting an FX8 to use with them.

Cliff, can I ask what the impedances are at the different I/O's and whether the I/O (Post) is line level ??
I ask as I could see this doing double duty for me as
1) dedicated pedalboard for the tube amp rigs including 4CM and
2) using the FX8 last in the chain in my big rack rig (also including the Axe II), or in the send-returns on my Metric Halo ULN-8 for tremolo, delay and reverb.

Thanks RB
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Awesome. This looks perfect for me, and is exactly what I was hoping to see on the back panel. I love my Ultra's effects, but REALLY love the dirt tones on my Egnater amp, and I have some dirt stomp boxes that I love as well. I could see running this like: guitar --> FX8 in --> FX8 out (pre) to my true bypass looper with 4 stomp boxes in it --> TB looper out to to amp input --> amp effects send to FX8 in (post) --> FX8 out (post) to amp effects return. As long as the FX8 will send simple MIDI PC commands, it will switch both the TB looper and the channels on the amp via MIDI. Killer!!!!
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