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Carrying case?


Is there room for an expression pedal as well in this bag?
Yes, I have a Moog EP3 that fits easily in the pocket on the front left and I’m pretty sure I could fit two.

The down side is that you can fit so much in this bag that it gets heavy. I upgraded to a industrial strength, nonslip strap.
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Is there room for an expression pedal as well in this bag?
I love this bag! I have had so many different cases for my AX-8 - the Sam's Club Pelican knock off (great case, but just enough room for AX-8), the Temple Audio Trio 28 and soft case, which ended up being very big, and very heavy, and the Menards bag. I fit the AX-8, 2 EV1s on the inside, Shure wireless and power supply in the outer pockets, music notes in the other, and cords I need for the gig on the other outside pocket. Yes, it is heavy, but I love how compact it is, everything has its place, and I feel everything is well protected (it just is me handling it, and it only goes from my trunk to the stage and back). Great buy, and would do it again without hesitation.


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Here’s a pic with the AX8 and a Boss pedal. Room for cables too. Can't beat the price.

AX8 Case.jpg


Would anyone who owns this pedalboard case by SKB, care to comment on how well the AX8 and an expression pedal fit?

I've been reading the comments on the forum and on Amazon and I'm reading conflicting comments. Some say it fits the AX8 perfectly, in terms of height, others say it doesn't quite fit. On Amazon the height/depth, is listed as 3" but on the SKB site, it's listed as 4".



I have 2 of these SKB cases for the AX8 and an EV-1.
They fit really well! There is about 1" between both pieces.
The eggshell foam on the inside top applies just enough pressure to keep things in place, without damaging any knobs etc.
I'll try to add some pictures within the next 24 hours.

Highly recommended!!
I prefer my Mono Fly Rig backpack. My 8 fits perfectly and plenty of room for cables, whatever. Throw it over your shoulder like any backpack and you’re rollin.
AX8 fits snug and secure.
Good luck.
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