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[Cab block] Bass, middle and treble of the virtual mic preamp



Is it possible to reproduce the behavior of the bass, middle and treble knobs of the virtual mic preamp by using a filter, a PEQ or a GEQ ? The coloration given by these three knobs is so cool that I would like to be able to use them without having to use a Cab block.



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Thank you for the information. I Thought it was a unique EQ

Then, is it correct to assume that the type of Preamp that we select (Fet, Tape, Tube... Economy/HighQ) only affects the controls of Drive and Saturation, not the tone controls?
good info...thanks for asking the question!


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Those are the equalization time constants.
I just looked it up somewhat quickly, spent about 15 minutes or so on a few different sites reading about how this applies to what I should be hearing between the three & I honestly got nowhere. But that’s okay. Not that I didn’t take anything away, just not how it directly applies. What I did get out of it was yet again even more newfound respect for you Cliff. That’s a whole little bit of history & math & calculations in that little corner of the box. Impressive.


One last question Cliff : are these three parameters applied before or after the saturation/drive parameters of the virtual mic preamp ? Maybe you already answered this before but I can't find the thread.

Thanks again.


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Sorry to resurrect this thread again, which on Valentine's Day seems somewhat wrong. But, I initially thought I read (Cab Block) in our Wiki that the Tone controls in the Preamp section of the Cab Block were active whether a preamp was selected or not. Second time reading through and it doesn't actually seem to say that. (Another late night just might be effecting my cognitive processes ;) ) @FractalAudio I know I can just turn one of the controls and listen, but my brain .... Cheers, Lee


The Bass, Mid, and Treble controls are not active unless a preamp type is selected. You can use a GEQ block or use the Output EQ in the Amp block and set it to "3 Band Console". On the other hand, the Low Cut and High Cut controls and their slope controls on the Preamp page of the Cab block ARE active even if the preamp type is set to none.
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