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axe sounding terrible through guitar cab?


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Those two clips are different from each other in three ways: cab, EQ and Depth. There's no way to draw a valid conclusion about the cab when so many other things have been changed.

The changes were made to e.q and depth in order to compensate the lack of cab IR.

The idea of a cab IR is basically an e.q, right? the target of this "test" is to hear a real cab setup once with a cab sim ON (which is some kind of e.q) and once without a cab block while using an actual G-e.q which is basically what the cab IR is and still you can hear that the sound is better with the cab block (cab sim ON) than with an actual e.q replacing it.
Everybody say " don’t use cab sim ON, use an e.q instead" but…. if we already have that "premade" e.q (cab IR), way not just use it instead of sculpting a new e.q from scratch to compensate the lack of cab IR (e.q)?


An IR is like an EQ in the same way that honey and soy sauce are both food. :)

Point is, you can't figure out whether you prefer a particular ingredient if you're also changing other ingredients at the same time.

If it sounds better with a cab than without, that just means you dialed it in with a cab. If you dial it in with an IR instead, adding a cab will make it sound worse (more "blanketed").


I've always had the same problem with the Ultra now the 2. At first everything sounds really thin with the cab sim off. After you tweak it though it will sound better with the cab sim off than on.

Try creating a sound with the cab sim on, preferably with studio monitors or good headphones etc..

remove the cab sim and replace it with a parametric eq (maybe a graphic eq at first if your not understanding the peq) (the peq is easier to understand from the green screen IMO)

adjust to taste (Takes some time to dial in just right but when finished it will sound much better than before)

This is the method that works for me....
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