Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.15 Beta #2

Do I win anything????

Release Notes:


Added (2) IR Player blocks. These are simple versions of the Cabinet block that can be used to process IRs for various purposes such as applying Tone Matches separate from the Tone Match block. For example, an IR Player block can be used to apply a Tone Match of a guitar at the beginning of a chain leaving the Tone Match block available for amp matching.

Added Output 1 Volume Increment and Output 1 Volume Decrement CC assignments. When the CC assigned to Volume Increment/Decrement is received the scene volume for Output 1 is incremented or decremented by 1 dB and the preset automatically saved.

Added Metronome function. To enable the metronome press the Tempo button and adjust the level for the desired output(s). Note: the metronome levels persist across presets and are reset to OFF at power on.

Improved Looper block:

  1. Added Record Threshold parameter. When set to a value greater than -80 dB recording will not

    start until the input signal exceeds the set value. The Record icon will blink when the Looper is armed for recording and will turn solid when recording starts. The meter at the bottom of the page can be used to help set the Threshold. Use the soft knob or main Value knob to adjust the threshold value (or use the Record Threshold parameter on the Config page).

  2. Added Trim Start and Trim End parameters to the Looper block. These parameters can be used to adjust the start and end points of the loop. The graph on the Control page provides visualization of the loop and the start/end points.

  3. Added Quantize parameter. When set to ON the loop length is quantized to the nearest beat.

  4. Added Record 2nd Press parameter. Choices are Overdub – existing behavior, second press of

    Record ends loop and enters overdub; Play – second press of Record ends loop and enters play;

    Stop – second press of Record ends loop.

  5. Added Speed parameter. When Speed is set to HALF the virtual tape runs at half the normal

    speed. The speed can be also be toggled via a MIDI CC message.

  6. Improved cross-fading at the start and end of the loop.
Added Mode parameter to Tone Match block. When set to OFF-LINE the processing is adjusted to better suit matching recorded sources such as guitar stems. When set to LIVE the processing is as before and better suited to matching a real-time source such as the output of a guitar amp.

Added Damping Time to Sequencer. This controls the time it takes to slew from the one value to the next.

Improved CPU usage for Synthesizer block when oscillator type is white or pink noise.

Improved Tuner.
Various GUI tweaks and improvements.

Changes/improvements to 3rd-Party MIDI device support (see AXE-FX III MIDI FOR THIRD-PARTY DEVICES document for details).

Fixed ADSR graphs not initializing properly on preset recall.

Fixed some parameter displays dependent on Tempo, i.e. Delay Time, not updating when new Tempo is entered.

Fixed Mixer and Multiplexer blocks shouldn’t be bypassable. Fixed Tremolo block bug when LFO Type set to SAW DOWN.
I never had any issue with the tuner before, but it is noticeably better in the 1.15 betas. Thanks!

Just noticed that the metronome has independent levels for out1, out2 and is now available for the USB/digital output - that's great! :)
I'm also seeing garbled characters in preset and scene names, but we should wait for the revised MIDI spec - there may be changes.

Otherwise, great to see the fix for mixer and multiplexer blocks, also controllers now in the crossover blocks! Love it!
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