Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01


Fractal Audio Systems

If you are using the beta you should upgrade because there was a bug in the Drive block for certain models (i.e. Plus Distortion).

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Added Damping control to Modifiers. The default, EXPONENTIAL, is the classic damping style where the modifier value has an exponential attack/decay. LINEAR selects a linear attack/decay.

Added Type control to ADSRs. The default, EXPONENTIAL, is an analog style where the ADSR has an exponential attack/decay. LINEAR selects a linear attack/decay.

Improved Phase Inverter Bias Excursion accuracy for some amp models (mostly non-MV types). Note: The improved PI Bias Excursion accuracy results in an increase in bias excursion in most cases. Bias excursion primarily manifests as intermodulation distortion, particularly subharmonic distortion. This produces a chunkier tone with more growl and also yields a thicker tone when rolling off the volume or playing lightly. The amount of bias excursion can be adjusted using the PI Bias Excursion control in the Advanced menu.

Renamed Timothy and Suhr Riot Drive models to clarify switch position.

Added Hi Mid control to Drive block.

Fixed Blackglass 7K model as reference pedal was defective. Added “Grunt” and “Attack” knobs to GUI (Grunt switch on pedal is a selectable low cut so knob duplicates Low Cut control).

Changed response of Horizon Precision Drive “Attack” control to match pedal (was reversed previously). Any presets using this model should be adjusted accordingly.

Improved accuracy of “G-taper” used for tone control in some Drive models, i.e., T808, VS9, Super OD, etc. Impact on existing presets is likely negligible but any presets using Tube Screamer models and their variants should be auditioned.

Fixed selecting Gibtone Scout tone stack causes NaN in certain amp models.

Fixed Amp block headroom meter monitoring wrong circuit node.

Fixed GUI not being redrawn when switching between a knob menu and a list menu.

Various other fixes and improvements.
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