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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00


Fractal Audio Systems

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Version 17 introduces FullRes™ Impulse Response processing. FullRes processes IRs up to 64K points with zero latency using a novel technique. This provides up to 1.37 seconds of response time. Seasoned producers and engineers often mix in “Room Mics” during recording to increase the depth and liveliness of recordings. However, the typical live room has a reverb time of 500-700 milliseconds, well beyond the 20-40 ms afforded by typical IR processing. FullRes allows capturing the full response of a typical live room and even the response of small-to-medium halls and clubs. FullRes can also be used for convolution reverb applications for reverb times less than 1.37 seconds.

The IR Player block and the Cabinet block both support FullRes IRs. The last two slots of the Cabinet block support FullRes. This is sufficient to provide two room mics, a left and a right, along with two direct mics within a single Cabinet block.

The new FullRes User IR bank supports up to 64 FullRes IRs. When capturing an IR selecting the USER FR bank will automatically set the IR Type to FullRes. Likewise, when setting the IR Type to FullRes the bank will automatically be set to USER FR. FullRes IRs can be processed with minimum-phase or auto-trim, if desired. However, minimum-phase is not recommended as this will tend to destroy the reflection information.

The Scratchpad bank has been updated to support FullRes IRs.

NOTE: The FullRes User IR bank is only available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. The original Axe-Fx III has less non-volatile memory and therefore does not have the necessary resources to store the IRs. The Scratchpad bank supports FullRes IRs but the data will be lost when the unit is powered off.

IR management has been completely rewritten providing smoother performance and better integration with Axe-Edit.

The IR Player block now supports two IRs with individual level and pan controls for each IR. Setting the IR Length to OFF defeats the IR. A Mix control is also provided so the block can be used as a convolution reverb. A Mode control allows the two IRs to be in parallel or series. When in series the individual level and pan controls are defeated and removed from the UI.

Increased Mic Distance range in Cabinet block to 3.4m (~11 feet). This allows delaying room mic IRs that have been trimmed to remove the leading silence. The alignment graph now features a Zoom control that changes the abscissa between 3ms and 12ms.

Improved Pitch Detection performance.

The UI has been improved to support double-tap of certain keys as follows:

  • Double-tapping EDIT edits the previous block.
  • Double-tapping HOME enters the layout grid.
  • Double-tapping STORE prompts immediately.
  • When on the Home or Layout pages double-tapping the Quick Entry knobs does the following:
  • A: Enters the Amp 1 menu.
  • B: Enters the Drive 1 menu.
  • C: Enters the Cab 1 menu.
  • D: Enters the Delay 1 menu.
  • E: Enters the Reverb 1 menu.
The buttons in the effects GUI have been simplified to a single page.

Fixed names of Dizzy V4 2 and Dizzy V4 3 swapped.

Added FAS Buttery amp model.

Added 1S1588T diode SPICE model to Drive block. This is the Toshiba version of the 1S1588 and is reportedly the diode used in the “best sounding” TS-808s. The T808 OD models have been updated to use this diode. Existing presets are unchanged.

Added “Valve Screamer VS9” and "Maxoff 808" Drive models.

Improved scene switching to prevent signal “leaking” into bypassed blocks.

Added Max Loop Time parameter to Looper. This sets the maximum recording time. This allows a loop to be automatically created once the loop time exceeds this value.

Changed Looper behavior so that if recording and time reaches the maximum recording time the mode changes to that specified by Record 2nd Press.

Added support for Axe-Fx III Mark II “Turbo”.

Various fixes and improvements.


Yeah check the news section. A new MK II TURBO!
25% increased in DSP.
25% increased clockspeed. so probably 1.25ghz floating-point “Keystone” Digital Signal Processors instead of 1.00ghz that is there currently . which would give some more juice. whether the gain is 25% or less may have to been seen.
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