Axe-Fx III Firmware 22.00 Public Beta (Beta 6)

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Fractal Audio Systems
WARNING!!! Dyna-Cab data WILL change for the final release version and any presets you create with this public beta may need to be manually edited to correct shifts in the location of the cabinets. If you are not comfortable with this caveat do NOT install this firmware.

The firmware is now comprised of two components: a main firmware image and a Dyna-Cab data image. BOTH must be installed in the correct order: firmware first, Dyna-Cab data last.

NOTE: The current version of Axe-Edit is not fully compatible.


1. Download new Fractal-Bot:

Extract the appropriate version for your operating system from the archive.

2. Download firmware files:

Extract the firmware .syx file and the dyna_cabs.syx file from the archive.

3. Install the the new firmware as usual. After rebooting you will see a warning that the Dyna-Cab data is not installed. Press Exit.

4. Install the Dyna-Cab data. Be sure to use the new Fractal-Bot from step #1. Drag-and-drop dyna_cabs.syx onto Fractal-Bot as you would a firmware image. Send the data. Reboot when instructed.

There are currently 25 Dyna-Cabs. We expect about a dozen more for the final release including some bass cabs.

Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


Version 22 Introduces Dyna-Cab™ cabinet modeling.

The Cabinet block now has two modes of operation: Legacy and Dyna-Cab. Legacy is the previous style of operation.

Dyna-Cab cabinet modeling allows freely positioning the microphone. We took an approach of quality-over-quantity:

  • Dyna-Cab IRs are a full 2048 samples.
  • Mic positions are sampled at a fine spatial resolution.
  • Three mic choices are available: Condenser, Dynamic and Ribbon.
  • All IRs are time-aligned with each other. They have been processed using a new algorithm that ensures alignment without destroying phase information. You can mix-and-match IRs from different cabs/mics and they'll always be perfectly aligned.
The Amp block now features “Auto Dyna-Cab Impedance”. When set to ON the speaker impedance curve of the Amp block will follow the Cabinet Type in the first mixer slot of the associated Cabinet block. I.e., if the Cab Type in the first mixer slot of Cabinet 1 is, say, 4x12 5153 and the Mode is Dyna-Cab then Amp 1’s speaker impedance will automatically be set to 4x12 5153.

Added “Treble Shift” control to Tone page of USA IIC+ models. This is an alias of the “Fat” control found on the Preamp page and performs the same function.

Added clip warning if Input 1 clips.

Fixed side-chain filters not working in Gate block.

Various other fixes and improvements.
You can mix up to four Dyna-Cabs. You can mix-and-match any combination of cabs and mics.

Position sets the radial distance of the microphone from the center of the speaker.

Distance sets the distance from the grill cloth. As you move the mic away from the grill the bass typically rolls off and more room is heard.
Dude, this is the one I've been hoping for since I bought the unit. Thank you so much for doing this!

The Amp block now features “Auto Dyna-Cab Impedance”.

This makes the whole thing over-the-top incredible. So if you truly want maximum accuracy, even just as a starting point, here it is, automated! The only reason I used any outside software was just to have access to movable mics; now that will be unnecessary. Here is FAS proving yet again that they are The Best.
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