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Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

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I'm new to this forum, so please don't anyone take this as an insult... but I'm surprised there are as many concerns and/or followup requests generated by this release.

IMHO, this beta represents *outstanding* continued support and development:

1) We're getting a free public beta version of an interesting new form of amp/speaker modeling. No charge, no waiting.

2) We're getting it in a way that causes no disruption to current use of the product.

In my experience, a huge-co software/hardware company would basically NEVER do this -- they'd hold back the feature, bundle it with other stuff, and charge for it, likely with no regard for backward compatibility with your existing patches. And, honestly, part of why a bigger company wouldn't do something like this is... a desire to avoid increased support volume :)

Just a friendly reminder not to look a gift horse in the mouth :)

(Now, that said... I'm eager to understand this new parameter better, too... so thanks for the great discussion on speaker compliance! Cool stuff!)
Both - "amplitude at certain frequencies"-dependent. It's not like happening suddenly, but any time, and changes dynamically.
I had to order an Axe FX 3 because I knew I couldn’t live life knowing new firmware updates were going on without me. They are like a major party every few weeks that you can’t miss!


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Both - "amplitude at certain frequencies"-dependent. It's not like happening suddenly, but any time, and changes dynamically.
Compression having a threshold and a knee is automatically amplitude dependent ;)

Anyway it probably is more than compression since compliance also affects the resonant frequency of the speaker and consequently its interaction with the power amp.


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The easy way to understand compliance is to think of a spring. In Physics 101 we're taught that F = kx but that's an ideal spring. A real spring is nonlinear. Eventually you get to a point where compressing or stretching the string you run out of travel and the force goes nonlinear. A speaker is the same way. The suspension is essentially a spring and the greater the displacement the greater the force trying to restore the cone to its rest position. The compliance parameter controls how stiff that suspension is.
Is there any interaction between the various speaker parameters? Compliance, Drive, Compression and Time Constant, for examples?

For that matter, how many of you are using the Drive parameter above 0? I don't use it much.
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