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Axe-Fx III: Carry Case / Gig Bag Options and Ideas


I'm using a 6U Gator case with wheels and a telescoping handle. It's a little more bulky depth-wise than I would like, but the wheels are a godsend. If I could find this case with 1/3 less depth, I would be a happy camper.



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The best thing in the world is having no case at all. That is the only way to feel the cozy Axe-FX warmth.

You can skip the case, but never, under any circumstance, remove the screen film. Safety first!
I can't believe how irresponsible they are by not putting it at the Axe-FX III. We shall buy one.
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Roby Rocks

I'm looking for a 3U Bag (I prefer soft-bag) for my FX3. But I have a question...
FX3 has ventilation outlets on the sides... and I think that it's no good idea occlude it...
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