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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

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If you have the luxury of owning a III and a FM3, or two IIIs, do a comparison for yourself.

For example, select the CCV 2B on both devices, stock settings and the same cab IR, and note the difference in thump / chug.
Compare the difference in attack of the Tucana Lead where the new version sounds more natural.
Try the AC20 EF86, just because it's so good.
Blow your mind with downtuned FAS Brootalz.
Compare the stock Brit 800 and hear the difference in dynamics and realism.
And select a Fender and hear more amp-in-the-room as before.

To some, the changes may sound minor in the beginning, especially when you can't compare old and new directly. But the improvements are there, even if it may take some time to recognize them.
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It doesn't matter. If you're ready to buy, then buy. When the final version of Cygnus is released, load it up!
I'm about two weeks out. The two most important models for me - Super Reverb and Bogner XTC - are in the second group (ported but untested), so by then....maybe....?

Judging from the warnings in the announcement, it sounds like I would be having to re-build all of my sounds with the upgrade - no point in doing all that work twice.
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Thanks for the warning, I will wait the final version even if I am curious with the result . I am happy with the sound I finally have with the 15.01 and not really prepared to re-tweak a hundred presets yet , specially if they will change once again in the final version !


Wow, this is sounding really really impressive!

At first it seemed subtle. It's not the kind of thing I noticed immediately as a huge change when strumming a few chords. But when I started playing more dynamically I could really start to feel and hear the difference.

It seems to me like the more percussively/aggressively you play the more the differences become apparent.

Playing some Nile Rodgers style funk on the Band-Commander is an amazing revelation
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