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Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

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I'd rather have stuff like Hi Cut be linear...but whatever. What would really be awesome (and a shit ton of work) would be to have everything on the authentic page authentic and linear on the ideal page. But that's just opening a pandora's box.
I'm all for the taper being more linear than it was in beta 8. It's the fact that Hi Cut on the Axe normally makes the amp darker as you turn it clockwise, but amps I have had with a Hi Cut operate the other way around.


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I've been saying that for weeks! My current favorite preset uses two of those, one with a Rat and one with a Fat Rat.

A man of taste, I see.

I kind of want to chase Luke's tones on the dirty nil "master volume" album, but I dont have a modded les paul custom.

Ken O

I noticed this firmware seems to transfer better from my APS 2020 monitors too my FRFR setup...before it was always needing some EQ work before I could get it in the ballpark.
Awesome feel and handling now as well...like driving a Ferrari...!

Rafa Diaz

If you wanted the exact same experience as the Axe-FX III, you should have bought that instead. Don't be a dick.

There is no need of offending and @Admin M@ knows why I said the care thing and has nothing to do with Cygnus

Having reported your post as there is no need of disrespecting just FYI I have both of them

Be happy my friend but please don’t offend - life is too short to waste time with nonsenses

My name is mud

well ... the bass pot in the herbie CH3 Still got problems when you move it....
I post back the video in case they miss it (and turn your volume on)


Greg Ferguson

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Hard to believe they could improve on Rev. 15.01
I'm late to the party on this one.
What improvements are we on the lookout for in this new firmware update?
You'll find the details in the revision notes when it finally releases, however, the gist of it is, the pre-amp modeling code was rewritten from scratch and resulted in major improvements in the way an amp's sound is rendered. It affects all amps, causing some tweaking but the final output is MUCH more realistic.

This hasn't been updated recently because Cliff is a little busy right now, but it might help...

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well ... the bass pot in the herbie CH3 Still got problems when you move it....
I post back the video in case they miss it (and turn your volume on)
Honestly I don't find this unusual or problematic at all. Why does it matter, and what's the use case where it would cause trouble?

I can't think of a time that I have ever needed to change settings on the amp while playing a sustained note........is that something that anyone actually does during performance or recording?


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@My name is mud

It is known by some in the Axe community that twisting some knobs quickly and radically can produce audible artifacts. This is because the change is impacting the algorithms in a non-linear and non-smooth way that can't be compensated for. Imagine twisting your vehicle's steering wheel back and forth over it's full range and not expecting a bad result: "hey manufacturer, I did it so quickly and ended up back in the center so why did I flip my car?". Another example: "I want to change preamp tubes instantly and not hear any artifacts." Not likely. This is a fact of real-time processing with a finite processing power if you change certain parameters quickly.

The AMP model was not designed with radically twisting a random knob back and forth in mind to not produce possible audible artifacts.

Another approach on the forum when sharing these things is to ask a question "Is this a bug? It seems different on this particular amp. Can others confirm?" This allows community exploration rather than claiming something is broken.
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Great news Cliff
I wish the FM3 team had the same attention to detail that your team here has!!
The owner of a company has the unique ability to work as many hours as they want because it’s their company. Employees are employees and have certain hours and lives outside of work. An employee costs money, and if they worked endless hours, they would go into overtime pay and cost the company substantial amounts.

I think the FM3 team has done and continues to do an extraordinary amount of work, and really high quality work as well. Bryant checks in with customers on the forum almost daily and helps them directly, even going to private messages or through the support system. Ray does the same as well. Others involved also do a lot of work behind the scenes.

I understand frustration of the USB issue you faced, but to call out people actively trying to solve that problem (indirectly or not) seems unfair. If the issue comes down to specific hardware pieces, that’s not really the FM3 team’s fault either.
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