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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release


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Considering that the III is consuming Fractal's resources, that the II is no longer a money maker, and the sheer number of amp models in the II that would need attention if revised, I think it's time for me to consider the II's firmware "mature". I'm moving ahead with final optimization of all of my presets and considering 9.04 the end. Perhaps the ports of which Cliff spoke will be released, but it might take a while. I'll wait until the end is officially announced before I update again, even if the next update is released next month. I never did update past the second-to-last Ultra firmware. It's reached the point where tone-changing updates simply take too long for me to readjust while still taking care of my daily responsibilities. And I'm happy with my gigging tone. I'll eventually buy a III for recording.


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The only feature that I would upgrade for would be support for an external time clock, which the Axe-Fx III does not have. I'm fine waiting 5 years.
I'll upgrade, eventually. I'd like to see some bugs worked out, and the pedals released first, but it's in my future. I will say, for me, that it's mostly for the hardware, and not the tone. If the 3 sounded the exact same, it would still be worth it, for me, for the I/O upgrade.

I do agree, though, that the 2 sounds great as it is, on the current firmware.


I'm sure that I'll eventually upgrade. When the AxeFX II was released I was in no rush to upgrade from the Ultra. It wasn't until I heard audio demonstrating a significant improvement in the amp modeling that I decided to upgrade (for me that was AxeFX II firmware version 5.0). I can already hear some improvement in Ares vs Quantum v9.04 but my AxeFX II 1959 Super Lead Plexi preset is reason enough to stay put (I have other presets that I've no interest in abandoning at this time but the 1959 SLP is my go to). I'm sure that when I find reason to upgrade that I'll be able to build an AxeFX III preset that sounds/feels as good as, or better than, my current 1959 SLP preset but there's no hassle and no rework required to stick with the gear I already own and use.

I will, no doubt, eventually hear an audio demo of a future Ares update that will change my mind. An update to the AxeFX III is in my future, no doubt. I will definitely wait until the AxeFX III is no longer on a waiting list and the new foot controllers are released and readily available. This will have to be an upgrade with no down time.
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