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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta


Haven't gotten a chance to play install the new FW yet, but is there any improvement for non-MV models? Recto 2 Red Modern is pretty much all I ever play.


Fractal Audio Systems
Thanks! I just got off the phone with Matt and he talked me through some of that. PI Bias Shift may as well be called "magic." Great update, Cliff! Very excited to keep diving into this one.
I went back and looked at the Liverpool model and I realized one of the PI Bias Shift values is wrong. I stupidly copied the values from the Express forgetting that the Liverpool uses a Vox-style phase inverter. I'm going back over all the models in detail before the final release so things will change.
Yeah, great work! Feels really good. Thank you!
The Super Verb Vib seemed to be much more distorted than when I last played through it. Is this due to the new PI Bias Shift?
I liked the Trainwreck Express, by the way.


Any reports on the Doubleverb or Band Commander models? Heard good things about nMV Marshalls and Deluxe so I'm curious to hear about the (relatively) clean amps.


Fractal Fanatic
I ran my most of my presets with the following amps on Q7beta. My patches were dialed in earnest on 6.02 so these were already had great tone and character.
Deluxe Verb
Double Verb
6G4 Super
Vibrato Verb CS
Super Reverb (gain error)
Plexi 50w Hi 1
Class A 30W & 30W Hot
65 Bassguy Nrml
1959 SLP Treble
USA Pre LD2 Green
USA IIC+ brt/dp
Matchbox D-30
Brit AFS100 2

7.0b is a smokin' upgrade, shiznit for sure on non-MV!
In short, MV are improved, and everything is better on non-MV, except of course my super reverb patches :sunglasses:


@yek, the Doubleverb is almost always my go-to clean amp and a favorite drive-pedal-into-clean-amp.

It has never sounded better than now.
Yes, funny thing is that I never like it that much previously. Not because of the model, just for what it is.
It became my choice after auditioning a lot of clean amp models recently, it meets all my criteria: :)
  • non-master volume, simple controls
  • no compression
  • in-your-face attack
  • works (same settings) with single coils and buckers
  • great for clean (drive at 5) and broken clean (drive at 9)
  • great with drive models
  • sounds great through greenbacks


Fractal Fanatic
@yek, the Doubleverb is almost always my go-to clean amp and a favorite drive-pedal-into-clean-amp.

It has never sounded better than now.
I have more Doubleverb presets than any other amp. It's followed closely by 65 bass guy, Plexi 50W hi 1 and two versions of the ClassA 30W.

The other 15 or so amps I user are 1 or 2 presets at most.


after 4h of play, i love this new fw. it's crazy realistic sound on NV amp: double verb, bassguy, matchless + marshall's, sound really f*cking good.
i hope that one day, i would receiving my wish on the filter slope adding on reverb eq block and i would be the most happy man of the earth


I noticed the Jumped Hiwatt sounding amazing at this release, it was never at the Marshall standard for me before. There's so much attitude and mojo now and works exceptionally well with a Fas drive or Fet boost in front of it, killer. Thanks guys!!


I recently switched to the Double Verb as my main clean or broken clean amp, and it is fantastic.
I've been using the Double Verb as my base amp for about 10 months now and looooooooove it. Took a bit to get it dialed in coming from the clean MkIII model I used previously, but now I can't got back. It's so lively.
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