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Axe FX II Amp of the Week


Love the idea! Special sub forum, one thread per amp so it is easy find stuff. Demo's with presets with full details on what was used and how it was made. This would be super helpful in learning more about the amps and what is possible with them. Truly a great idea!

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This is a fantastic idea. A sub-forum with separate threads for each amp would be cool. We could post our favourite patches for each amp with a sound clip or two.

Champion! (Best said in a Yorkshire accent for those who know ;-)


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Excellent idea.... Also Pl consider Separate sub section of the forum and one thread for each amp. So that way someone wants to look at everything related to say ac30 it's in one thread?...All the tweakistry related to this amp...
that's a great idea!
setup a sub-forum for each amp at the beginning, then let everyone who wants to contribute, share their recordings and tips. All amps... no waiting...


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Like the idea! It's a way to go "scientific"!
I suggest for each amp the 1st post list the main characteristics of the real amp and cabs (and some pics are a good thing) and some story of the amp and main "endorsers"


great idea. sub forum, definitely. wiki info, yes. main users, good idea. people post clips, of course.

hopefully cliff will chime in with some tips etc. we just need someone to take ownership.



Fabio KTG

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Nah, Loquenoaonoa

..... *SIGH*

Nagi Mysore

So while we are on the topic... The structure could look like this

- thread 1 - ac30
- thread 2 - lonestar classic

Do we even need an order.. Maybe

Inside the thread

- sticky history of the amp
- sticky yeks wiki link
- sticky Cliffs recommended Tweakistry
- sticky recommended by forum Baron ultrarez ir
- user threads
_Recordings with the tones from the amp
- effects used by users with the amp
- user patches
- links to the Axe exchange upload

And if the wiki settings allows you can get a few volunteers to be the Amp Barons (like forum baron) for each thread, so they can populate the initial stickies.

But the critical thing is and I can't emphasize this enough.. We need to get the title right... So the hierarchy is maintained


What's the right name

AMP Baron
Lord of the Amps

I think Cliff needs us to come up with the right title and he will get the forum Baron to set it up

Oh no reason why we can't have a structure for EFFECTS.- The effects room?
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Keep the Amp of the Week thread stickied, and just create threads or comment in ones you want. You could have threads devoted to a single amp, best amp for X tone threads, amp comparison threads, all kinds of stuff. No reason to sticky anything but the Amp of the Week thread and maybe one or two other good ones, and everything else will just naturally sort out.
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