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Any FC release time info ?


Fractal Audio Systems
@FractalAudio - Cliff, does this mean that we can't have a custom layout per preset, like the AX8 does? I really love being able to just set up whatever works for that preset/song and I'm sure a lot of us would want to have more than 12 pretty quickly - especially the people who do one preset per song for their whole gig. (I have about 5-6 general ones, and another 10 or so that are song-specific).

Are the layouts able to be linked with individual presets or would we have to first change the preset and then change the layout? That would just become more steps and we'd also have to remember which layout went with which preset.
I'm pretty sure there are per-preset layouts. I didn't write the footswitch stuff but I'm pretty sure we spec'd that.
I'm pretty sure there are per-preset layouts. I didn't write the footswitch stuff but I'm pretty sure we spec'd that.
Perfect...all my issues are solved if that's the case. Very excited about this new launch. My experience with the AxeFx 2xl+ has been extremely positive/satisfying and literally life changing creatively speaking.


Maybe it's intuitive and I just need to play with one for a bit, but the way the MFC is setup is perfect for what I personally need. I have the top 2 switches for tuner/mute and tap tempo, the next 10 for effects on/off, and the bottom 5 for preset selection and the reveal are scenes 1-5 on the preset selection switches. Its the PERFECT footswitch as I setup all my live patches so that Its like amp channels clean, crunch, rhythm, heavy rhythm, and lead and then I still have 10 different effects to switch on and off. I just dont see how the new switching is going to make these needs any easier. It seems like I would have to compromise my setup in some way and would have to do more tap dancing to get the same functionality as well as buying more than 1 footswitch and setting them side by side for like 2 or 3 feet of footswitch.
I think the same way!


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Anyone who thinks this is a step down should take a look at a Mastermind GT manual. This was the logical next step in footswitch design and I’m glad Fractal took it.

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Hopefully a more MFC 101-like design is offered for this, or some better way to use the current MFC without having to use MIDI which I personally have no desire to do. This new smaller footswitch seems like its alienating a lot of customers desires, here and in other forums and facebook pages. The changes in actual functionality are cool, it's just that size and and how much it limits you. It also seems like its going to be even more expensive without the ability to do as much with one single layout.


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are the scribble strips programmable? The description says it shows the "function" of the switch. I hope it can display custom text.


What captivated me when I saw Axe II was the footswitch. It did not follow that common pattern of the market. Five, ten switches.
With them (MFC) no tap dancing!
One of my complaints about a competing product is that the scribble strips backlighting is inconsistent from strip to strip. It's a minor thing but does impact the fit and finish. Another product choose to go the route of OLED for their strips and IMO looks much nicer

Is backlight consistency something that was considered with the FCs?
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