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Announcing FM9 Turbo


New Member
New to the FM9 turbo family. This passion and enthusiasm is great to see. Love the gifts of tone so far. Taking classes and getting into the scratched surface of the machine. Holy schnikies.
I’ve had 3 fractal products gave up to quick with the first 2 but now I have the fm9 I told myself to keep it no matter what give it a little time to immerse myself with it and learn from people and dig deep into it. It’s the best piece of gear I’ve ever purchased. I’ve had many many high dollar and boutique amps and still do. I’ve played professionally for years but no longer tour just play locally. You’re in a great club now enjoy your fm9. I’m waiting for the Axefx IV. No I’ve not heard anything but there’s bound to be one someday and I’ll buy immediately
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