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Announcing FM9 Turbo

New to the FM9 turbo family. This passion and enthusiasm is great to see. Love the gifts of tone so far. Taking classes and getting into the scratched surface of the machine. Holy schnikies.
I’ve had 3 fractal products gave up to quick with the first 2 but now I have the fm9 I told myself to keep it no matter what give it a little time to immerse myself with it and learn from people and dig deep into it. It’s the best piece of gear I’ve ever purchased. I’ve had many many high dollar and boutique amps and still do. I’ve played professionally for years but no longer tour just play locally. You’re in a great club now enjoy your fm9. I’m waiting for the Axefx IV. No I’ve not heard anything but there’s bound to be one someday and I’ll buy immediately
Really digging the FM9T and the Atomic CLR FRFR wedges. What has really opened it up for me, has been manual reading, and then doing enough preset/scene/block work myself to get a feel for the tech. Then I check in with the Fractal player-gurus on YT like Leon Todd or Mathew Dale or Cooper, Austin Buddy, Tim Pearce, Brett Kingman, Marco Fanton, etc. When they come along with great patches and presets to check out, I can feast on the sounds, download and tweak as I like. At this point, I have a pretty formidable set of rigs for about any gig I could ever get! The sounds of this beastly rig are really incredible, thanks to the demos (by the above gurus) of how to tweak and polish up the rig components to maximize the tones one would desire live or in the studio.
Need I say more? Yes...I still have my FM3/FC6 (OMG9) rig as a backup. So, lots more fun to have and more playing to do.

Just adding my .02,

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any speculation on if/when the FM9T will be a Mark II version with larger scribble scripts?
My best guess is soon. Historically speaking Fractal does not sit around. The fact that the bigger strips have already appeared on the new FM3's is very telling. Sure, there are a few factors we do not know e.g., how many, current style units they have and need to move before releasing the new and improved version, etc.. If I had to venture a guess, I would say before the end of the year give or take a few months. And again, if history is any predictor of the future, there will likely be a few additional updates to the FM9 Turbo "MKII" as well. Should be a very nice update. If you are not in a big hurry, it would be well worth waiting.
any speculation on if/when the FM9T will be a Mark II version with larger scribble scripts?
We have this, straight from the horse’s mouth...

Since the FC Mk II versions were announced, we've said that we want to bring the new displays to the whole family. But in the current manufacturing world of shortages and setbacks, it's a challenge.... and a few new gray hairs were earned in getting to this new version. Any chance of an FM9 Mk II is still quite farther out.
It will be worth waiting for. Smaller strips are harder to read. I would love to see a new UI that would make on unit editing easier (more QC or Helix like would be great), but I won't hold my breath.
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