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absence of bypass mode for the enhancer block...


Hey guys,
It seems to me there is no bypass mode option for the enhancer mode. This is quite uncomfortable to me as I want to include the enhancer block in a branch of my FX chain that only activates for some scenes. Simply bypassing the enhancer block induces a way higher volume as this "branch" re-joins my main path before some other blocks preceding the output. Basically, I would have like to set the bypass mode to mute for the enhancer... Any way around??


Hmwell, I guess you could put a null filter block after the enhancer and control the bypass from there? (Don't have the Axe in front of me atm, so can't check if the filter block has multiple bypass states)


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Mute some other block before the enhancer? Use a volume block as a mute switch after the enhancer?
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I am not using it in parallel, but in a scene dependent "branch", like this:
It's active for some scenes, bypassed for other scenes.


i see. you could use a mixer after the split and a scene controller to decide which branch you want to be active. or use a volume block after the enhancer with bypass set to "mute" and activate/deactivate it at the same time as the enhancer. not sure why you have two lots of delay signal running into the reverb...you could make some room by budging the delay over


Yeah, it seems I'm gonna have to do this... until FAS will maybe one day add the bypass option to the enhancer.
I actually got one super delay-wet signal + one balanced delay-dry/wet signal going into the reverb.
For some reason, it was easier for me to achieve the atmospheric fx part that i was looking for...


I am not using it in parallel, but in a scene dependent "branch", like this:

It's active for some scenes, bypassed for other scenes.
That's in parallel. The fact that it's in parallel is the reason you're having level issues. I can't think of anything you couldn't accomplish by placing it in series.

Stereo enhancement is pretty much something you either do or don't do to your signal. That's why it only has one bypass mode. If you don't want it, bypass it, and let your signal pass through unchanged.
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