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5 Minute Tones


One thing I still struggle with when making tones is IRs. How the hell do people decide which one to use? As soon as I open the cab picker it's like instant analysis paralysis for me. Even if I filter down to eg: 2x12 V30 there's like a hundred options. Browsing through them, they all sound different, but which ones sound better? Even worse, after picking one, it will sound totally different to my ears after a few minutes of playing through it. Then there's the fact you can load up to 4 in the cab block and blend them, I haven't even got into that at one point (except with a few IRs which are left and right speaker of cab, then I will load both and pan them)
I'm no maven, and compared to a lot of sources on this topic I am woefully ill-informed... BUT, if I have no clue which to pick, and all else being more or less equal, I'll usually begin by choosing by mic type first and compare what they sound like, as I recall usually 121 or 160 are my first choices, as I kinda prefer the thicker tones with low mids, which to my ears those mics tend to provide, AGAIN all else being (more or less) equal (at least as far as I can tell!). Obviously I am avoiding blending them at the initial audition point. That opens up a whole can of worms. KISS applies. YMMV.
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