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    Les Videos du Lundi - How does it feel ? - Toto ;-) 🎸

    🎸 Les Videos du Lundi - How does it feel - Toto (guitar cover) 🎸 🇺🇸 With an amazing guitar solo from Steve Lukather with the Axe-FX III for all the electric guitars and bass sounds. 😉 🇫🇷 Avec un magnifique solo de Steve Lukather et l' Axe-FX III pour tous les sons de guitares et basse.

    "Monday Videos" Ep. 22 - Till The End ;-)

    Guitar cover of “Till The End“ from Toto with a great solo a la Steve Lukather and the Axe-FX III in firmware 7.01. 🎸😉
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Steve Lukather Modern Preset

    Steve Lukather Modern Preset. Here is the new Steve Lukather presets for Fractal Audio AxeFx2 AxeFx3 and AX8. I was inspired by his new gear that he has been using for several years now based on the Bogner Ecstasy. Has 6 Scenes. NO Post Processing, NO Post Production. Just the Preset.
  4. Andrea Maccianti

    Steve Lukather 90's Tone Test

  5. ItaiIfrach

    Itai Ifrach // Toto - Rosanna Full Cover

    I'm very happy to announce my last project All the track recorded direct through Axe Fx Ultra. Mastering - AS-Records Mastering engineer - Markus Ebert, Germany Mixed, played and produced by Itai Ifrach, Israel Gear Used : Ernie Ball - Musicman Axis Limited Ash 1998 Fractal Audio - Axe Fx...
  6. Andrea Maccianti

    ToTo Rosanna First Guitar Solo Lesson

    Hope that helps! Here I used my "A.M. ToTo Rosanna" Patch :)
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. LUKE CAA 3+SE" (Quantum 8.01)

    This patch it's available for Axe-Fx2 XL/XL+ Please contact me at andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/andrea.maccianti and I'll answer you within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for supporting my work!!! This Patch has 5 Scenes + one of my own Custom IR. Cab...
  8. Marco Fanton

    AX8 Tribute to Steve Lukather and Toto - CAE 3+ sim

  9. Andrea Maccianti


    A lot of fun improvising over this beauty Backing Track. Here using my A.M. Steve Lukather 1990 Patch. The Patch is exactly as you hear it. No Comp, No EQs in post-production. All in direct.
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    Steve Lukather Sound 90's

    This is my first video on this Forum. Certainly for some of you it is not new, but ... I decided to post it here also for those who missed it :) In this video, I want to show you and listen this preset for Fractal Axe Fx II (only for original and Mark II) especially the LEAD SOUND. Obviously all...
  11. V

    Hold the line - Toto - Harmonizer Settings

    Hi guys, I'm trying to build a proper Sound for my take on Hold the Line by Toto. I just lack the knowledge of music theory on how to setup the harmonizer properly. (Last part of the Solo) Could you guys help me out and perhaps teach me the theory of muisic on how to figure out the right...
  12. Smittefar

    Mark Days 80s preset (video)

    I also posted this in the AxeFXII video section, but I guess we need an Ax8 video section. This is @Mark Day 's 80s preset from Ax8 except that I swapped the Friedman HBE to 1987x jump - I cannot handle the enourmous amounts of gain in the friedmans. All of Mark's recent videos inspired me to...
  13. Smittefar

    Tribute to Mark Day (Rosannal, Toto cover)

    @Mark Day is always serving his super tasty renditions of Toto classics, and his last installment inspired me to re-visit his 80s preset in the Ax8. He uses the Friedman HBE, but I must admit, I cannot handle that much gain, so I replaced it with my favourite 1987x jump amp and I re-arranged the...
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