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  1. txisan

    FS Axe Fx3 Mk1+ fc12 pedalboard in Europe 2300€

    Mint condition Never gigged Never racked Always in studio. Free smoke. Located in Spain Bought new in G66 2300 Euros + shipping costs.
  2. Shenks

    It's been a long time...

    ...since I posted on the Fractal forum, but more importantly it's been a long time until I was in a position to consider upgrading from my Axe FX II XL+ and now that time is here! A musician friend of mine has just received the Turbo and I jumped at the chance to buy his Axe FX 3 Mark I from...
  3. Mark jones

    How can I brighten and make my fx3 presets crisper and closer to the amp I’m modeling ?

    I have a Tubemeister36 next to the fractal fx3/xitone and I’ve been trying many presets and twisting many knobs and I just can’t get the amp to sound like the original amp. I notice the same thing with my 72 vibrolux. I can get closer with the vibrolux but there’s still something missing. I am...
  4. A

    I would like to post a rant

    Hi. My first post here.... I come here often though to get an answer for issues I got into on setup. People here are amazing! Very helpful and knowledgable community. Ok. Now here I go: I owned used Axe fxii mark2, and I own AX8 and Axe fxii xl plus. What really set me off was the moment when I...
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