dream theater

  1. ConstantM

    AFIII Dream Theater - Another Day cover with dynacab preset

    Made this preset (it's on axechange as "Dream Theater Rig") emulating JP's mic'ing in the latest DT albums in Dynacab and tested it with a cover of this nice ballad Enjoy PS. the two IRs for the acoustic scene are tonematches of my Lag electroacoustic gtr. im attaching them here
  2. M

    The Count of Tuscany FM3 Preset Tone

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share a preset for DT's The count of tuscany. Love the amazing lead swells and fantastic cleans. Thanks!
  3. cdub

    Dream Theater - Another Day

    Just made some slight tweaks to Gurtej Singh's Goodnight Kiss patch that he has posted. Great song that is really personal for me currently.
  4. ConstantM

    AFIII Dream Theater - Breaking All Illusions cover

    PS. The preset used is here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/dream-theater-learning-to-live-cover.187317/
  5. ConstantM

    AFIII Dream Theater - Learning to Live cover

    with automated scene switching from cakewalk
  6. ConstantM

    AFIII Dream Theater - Innocence Faded cover with Axe FX III

    A cover of one of my fav dt songs from back in the day when they were much better No post effects just one stereo spdif track out from the axe mixed with the backing track
  7. A

    Mesa Boogie Mark V | Metal

    Here's how it sounds: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=8708
  8. Jack_Zan

    Dream Theater - “These Walls” cover + Preset

    Here is my cover of these walls by dream theater, in the video description you will find the patch for your axe fx :D tell me what you think! amp 1 Usa Brt Lead+ Amp 2 Usa Clean scene 1: Clean + fx scene 2 : Crunch + Flanger scene 3 : Rithm Scene 4 : Solo
  9. Fredrik Pihl

    AFIII Dream Theater - "The Best of Times" guitar solo

    Hey Fractal fans! Yesterday I used my Axe Fx 3 to do a cover of John Petrucci's amazing solo on the song "The Best of Times" Used a Friedman HBE amp for the tone. Hope you dig it.
  10. Fredrik Pihl

    AFIII Dream Theater - “Another day” solo

    Hey guys! So I tried this classic Petrucci solo the other day using my Axe Fx 3. Such a killer tone machine!!
  11. S

    My favorite Petrucci tones with JP2C

    Check out this preset! I used a tone match block that was uploaded by another user (which was made for a different amp I think), and I have done a lot of tweaking. I am using a PRS 7SE with Illuminators and I'm going direct into a pair of Xitones powered by the Matrix GT1000FX...
  12. MattBowman

    AFIII Incredible Dream Theater cover by 15 y/o phenomenon Owen Davey

    In case you didn't see the posts on our Fractal Audio Instagram or FB, check out this absolutely ridiculous cover of the Dream Theater song This Dying Soul by 15 year old Owen Davey using his Axe-Fx III. It would be one thing for someone his age to play this song on any instrument, but Owen...

    "Dream Tones" ML Artist Pack | Based on all John Petrucci's guitar tones

    Learn more: www.ml-sound-lab.com As if it wasn't clear already I'm a huge fan of JP. Not only that but this has got to be the most requested pack throughout all the years and it was requested again multiple times in the 2019 survey so I present to you "DREAM TONES" based on John Petrucci's...
  14. MattBowman

    AFIII Dream Theater - Home solo and full cover

    Ok so it's taken awhile haha, but I finally finished recording the whole song Home from Dream Theater using the JP2C yellow. I've made a quick playthrough video of the solo and I'll post the soundcloud and youtube links for the entire recording(didn't make a playthrough) as well. You can find...
  15. MattBowman

    AFIII Dream Theater - "Fatal Tragedy" solo with preset

    What's your favorite Dream Theater guitar solo? In honor of the 20th anniversary of Scenes From A Memory being played in full on the Distance Over Time Tour, here's my favorite solo off that album, Fatal Tragedy! I got a decent tonematch of Petrucci's actual solo(wasn't perfect as the stem had...
  16. Igor Paspalj

    DT - “Erotomania” solo cover - ML cab pack

    Hi all, Here's my take on one of the coolest John Petrucci solo's imho :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 as usual, this time with my custom scalloped Ibanez premium and very cool ML sound lab USA traditional 4x12 ir. Hope you gonna like it, Cheers!
  17. Javialtonaga

    Petrucci´s Scenes AX8

    I´m a proud new user of the AX8 unit. This is a preset I've made inspired on Petrucci´s sounds. Not perfect tones but decent IMHO. I share it with you and only ask for feedback to get better with my tones!! Hope you like it! ;)
  18. Hamer90

    FW Q9.04 Dream Theater - Another Day (guitar solo cover) PATCH INSIDE!

    DREAM THEATER - ANOTHER DAY (JOHN PETRUCCI'S GUITAR SOLO COVER) Hello everyone! This time I played one of my favorite guitar solos. I tried to get as close as possible to the sound of John Petrucci. Check it out! More videos here: https://guitar-science.ru/guitar-video/ Patch...
  19. Igor Paspalj

    DT - Under The Glass Moon solo cover

    Hi Everyone! Here's my take on this super awesome solo! Using Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2, with "ML Sound Lab" factory cabs in stereo: (4x12 USA TRAD 57-121 left) (4x12 USA TRAD 906-421 right) BTW, entering ML Sound Lab competition as well, for a chance to win some awesome cab packs :) Guthrie...
  20. Guitarjon

    Some DT inspired (prog)metal

    Hi guys, Wanted to have some fun and write some DT-ish parts. I used the MKIV amp model paired with an OwnHammer 2x12 Zilla IR. Hope you enjoy!
  21. DanielBerzerk

    John Petrucci / LTE Tones

    Does anyone have any they can share? Thanks.
  22. Leviathan_resurrected

    Need Help with Solos for new album

    Hello Fractal Friends. I am the guitarist in the progressive metal band Leviathan from Colorado. we are releasing a new album this year. I wanted to ask the always helpful Axe FX community, if anyone is interested in contributing some guitar solos for the new album? I have used the...
  23. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Under a Glass Moon |FULL VIDEO COVER| Double Live Take

    My favourite song of one of my favourite bands. Congrats to DT for 25 Years of Images & Words! Wanted to do this months ago, but I was wihtout guitar so it toom me a while. Used the Axe MIDI capabilities and my DAW (and interface) to switch Presets. When the Solo (and the Clean part) comes...
  24. dtpancio

    Dream Theater - Our New World Intro

    Everything started from this thread. I ended up using both IRs, the Petrucci V30 Mix and the other I think is from OH, not ML, double tracking the guitars and panning them stereo. Drum and bass are midi. Not perfect but hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
  25. Alberto Menezes

    Octavarium (instrumental section) - Dream Theater full Two-Man cover

    Hey guys!! Check out my Dream Theater cover. I used an Axe FX II for the bass and some of the guitars, let me know what you think of the tones!
  26. Azael

    Dream Theater “Another Day” Guitar Solo TM

    Hi guys, amazing solo by John Petrucci with a Tone Match, I think is pretty close, any comment is welcome!!
  27. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Caught in a Web | Video Cover (New Guitar Day!) (Cab Pack 13)

    Hey guys, I recently got this beast and I needed to do a video with it :cool: I'm running a Dual Amp configuration, with a Dual Recto/L and a Mark IIC+/R with 2 IRs from Cab Pack 13: SM57- MD421 02 and SM57- R121 03 (I think......but it works best with just the 1st IR on both sides) I had to...
  28. Igor Paspalj

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times solo Q 3.2 (video)

    Hi Guys! Here's my take on, In my opinion, one of the best John solos. Started with a tone match, and then started tweaking it, so at the end it's probably not the same, but I really digg this sound - It's so effortless under the fingers :) Latest Quantum 3.02 firmware, of course :) All...

    New Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C amplifier!

    Read about it in here: http://www.mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/electric/mark-series/jp2c/index.html So apparently it's all about IIC+ sounds. IIC+ clean and two IIC+ lead channels with their own GEQs.
  30. TheTrooper

    The Gift of Music - Dream Theater | Solo Cover| w/ PRESET (and TAB too)

    I will bother you guys one more time this week, 'cause I covered the Solo section from the new Dream Theater song, "The Gift of Music", from their upcoming album "The Astonishing". Their FB page(s) posted this a couple of days ago, and I must say that I'm really digging the song. It wasn't too...
  31. S

    Dream Theater - The Dance of Eternity - Guitar Cover

    Finally decided to create a video for 'The Dance of Eternity'. I've only learned about half of it, but thought it would be fun to make a video. Wicked fun to play! I also want to say how much I love the Axe Fx, it really is a great piece of hardware and software! The preset is something I...
  32. Guitarjon

    Ownhammer MES-Trad 4x12 V30 clippage! Best cab ever? Quantum crunchies!

    Woohoooo the new forum is up! I missed you guys :) Since the forum went down Ownhammer has released some great new IR's! This time Kevin has FINALLY released IR's of the famous Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 cab! Not only is this probably the best IR pack I ever tried but it also features 2...
  33. TheTrooper

    Dream Theater - Forsaken w/ Axe Fx II XL (In love with the Quantum Firmware) Patches inlcuded

    I want to say "Hi" to the great Fractal Audio community! This is my first post on the Forum, and I just wanted to share with you my take on Dream Theater's "Forsaken", from the Systematic Chaos album. I recorded all the tracks with my (fantastic) Axe Fx II XL ( which I used as my audio...
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