bareknuckle pickups

  1. D

    What pickup should I get for my next build?

    Tunings: E standard / Drop D / Eb standard Playing songs by Tool, Alice In Chains, AC/DC, RATM, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen I love the BKP Juggernauts in my Aristides 060 (Drop C - Drop B). For this next build, I want something just as versatile but warmer and better for Plexi...
  2. AnswerInfinity

    Crazy Looking Skervesen Guitar & New RIg for Bareknuckle Warpigs

    I did a demo thing and included a free patch that goes with these Bareknuckle PUPs (
  3. S

    Please Critique My Mix! (GGD + Darkglass B7K + Schecter KM-7)

    Hey guys, Looking for some of your solid advice on a mix. Just a brief 40 second clip; trying to keep things short and sweet. Any and all advice/comments/tips are welcome. My goal is improvement, so please be as critical as you feel is needed! (tone, mix as a whole, individual instruments...
  4. TheTrooper

    Solo for #themoorsolocontest - Suhr Custom Modern 7 w/ Holy Divers

    I'm no good for contests, nevertheless I wanted to try the New pickups and see how they behave with heavy (not much for modern standard eheh) guitars underneath. Hefty amount of delay and some reverb for the lead, I guess it helped in making the solo stand up a little.
  5. Arkks


    Hi guys Been recording a new track for my project. Here a quick clip, quite happy how its turned out. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers.
  6. Sacha

    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    Hi fellas I made a new track and my buddy Andy James was nice enough to lay down a solo: Checkitout!
  7. LucasLeCompte

    I too did a solo for the periphery the price is wrong solo contest!

    I mainly did this because I wanted some practice on writing. I just played what came out when I played over the progression.I used my aristides 070 with BKP VHII/ColdSweat pickups. Also used my Mark IV Lead Patch.
  8. Arkks


    Once again, been experimenting with some heavy tones. Just a short recording. Recorded using my Mayones 7 string Baritone with Bareknuckle Juggs in Ab. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers. Andy.
  9. Cody Keener

    Axe fx 2 input input clipping

    I recently bought an axe fx 2 xl plus and I have a PRS SE custom 24. I have a BKP juggernaut bridge pickup witch it supposed to be medium output. I can turn the input volume down to 3% in the I/O menu and I still get input clipping when I pick hard. I have tried the Seymour Duncan nazgul and...
  10. erockomania

    HBE Quantum 1.05, Toontrack Progressive Foundry, OwnHammer--riffage

    Hey fellers, finally got a little time to myself and installed 1.05 and also Toontrack Progressive Foundry... this is the baby they had :) Skervesen Raptor w/Aftermaths Dingwall Combustion OwnHammer Recto EWH mix
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