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Cody Keener

New Member
I recently bought an axe fx 2 xl plus and I have a PRS SE custom 24. I have a BKP juggernaut bridge pickup witch it supposed to be medium output. I can turn the input volume down to 3% in the I/O menu and I still get input clipping when I pick hard. I have tried the Seymour Duncan nazgul and still had the same issue. My fender telecaster doesn't have this problem and neither does my schecter with stock emg pickups. Please help!


The red LED clipping light
Input light and not Out 1 clip lights I would hope. (That's a common confusion.)

It's true some guitars are just really hot. Maybe someone else with more hardware knowledge can help out. Though I wouldn't worry too much about that red light coming on, as it does light up early.


Fractal Fanatic
If it is the input lights We call this tickling the red. If it is only flickering the red lite you are were you want it to be. if it is on solid then you may have to worry. The input is padded a bit so you can use the red light blinking to know were your signal is. if it only stayed in the yellow it would be hard to tell if your signal is close to optimum or not.
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