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Recent content by Zitarman

  1. Z

    Cab block

    The axe fx 2 you have the option to have different mics or none or null is this an option with the axe fx 3
  2. Z

    A little frustrated

    Which firmware are you on For my personal taste Quantum 2.01 is much quieter and the bass response is better then 2.02 It cleans up better whem you adjust
  3. Z

    Axe edit 3.5.1

    Whem i export an xl or xl+ file it give's me a message error , not compadible with mark 2 and i have Quantum 2
  4. Z

    Wish Amp Request

    Koch powertone 120 watts
  5. Z

    18.10 | Possible Citrus Bass 200 Bug [FIXED]

    Yup! same problem here,just hit the tempo button on the front panel of the axe and turn it off
  6. Z

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    Get an AXE an cut down does tree's and make a path for yourself,all the amps and tones and cabs and everything inbetween and much more with tone matching and don't forget the MFC 101 and make it easy on yourself
  7. Z

    Background Noise In Brand New Axe-Fx II

    In your Global configuration, there is a global noise gate offset and i have to but mind at minus 5 db and in my presets i play around with my noise gate, depending on the amp I'am using
  8. Z

    Rocktron Midi Raider

    Whem i use axe edit with my Rocktron midi raider ,I can change the preset numbers and it change's in the Axe edit software but whem i bypass the efects it does not turn them off or on in the Axe edit software Is there configuration in Fractal i'am missing
  9. Z


    Thankyou for your responce and everything works ok
  10. Z


    Where can i find a user scratchpad Mind are all empty and i just purchased Cablab
  11. Z

    Axe FX II XL won't connect via USB for Fractal Box or Axe Edit

    Yes there is a problem with the usb driver go to your midi in and outs and connect them and everything should work
  12. Z

    Parameter Elimination

    Is there a reason behind this It is like taking candy away from children ,sound is very objective,it is an art,more colors more flavors,more sounds. If the reason behind this is to improve in other area's then please specify
  13. Z

    POLL Ultra Res Vs Normal Res

  14. Z

    Axe-Edit 3.0.5 released!

    I was not expecting firmware 13 and axe edit out this soon, They must be working around the clock to give us amazing sound One thing i should mention axe2 sounds so clean compare to everything i have tried out there and i have tried them all
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