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Recent content by theblogjammers

  1. theblogjammers

    CloudBurgzt - Brett's Strymon Cloudburst

    Having fun with this. Thank you so much @mchad and @Burgs. Looks like a lot of time and effort went into it.
  2. theblogjammers

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    I love my Elis 8s.
  3. theblogjammers

    You know you're getting old when...

    Just take out your hearing aids.😀
  4. theblogjammers

    PRS shopping today - I picked one!

    Similar to my DGT. What a guitar!
  5. theblogjammers

    Block Configuration Differences

    Config one has two cabs in series…
  6. theblogjammers

    Tuner's... Do you use the FM9 or are you still gravitating to your dedicated unit?

    Heel down on volume pedal activates tuner on FM9 and mutes sound. For my acoustic 12 string, still using headstock tuner.
  7. theblogjammers

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Not hearing any phase issues.
  8. theblogjammers

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    I’ve been using my two Elis8s in stereo with modulation effects/delay/reverb out 1, and a clean CLR with just overdrive/fuzz/distortion out 2. Really liking it! Interesting to see others using RedSound and CLRs together.
  9. theblogjammers

    I lost the love of my life, my muse and inspiration and sens of living on 10th of August

    So sorry. I can understand what you are going through as I have had a similar experience. It’s so hard. Music does help. Take care—thinking of you with great respect.
  10. theblogjammers

    Recording with Logic question

    Thanks for the help! Not sure why I had trouble figuring the USB channels out. Thanks again!
  11. theblogjammers

    Recording with Logic question

    Thank you very much! I hadn’t seen your guide before. Really appreciate the information.
  12. theblogjammers

    Recording with Logic question

    I realize I can use my UA interface, but can I go direct into Mac Logic? Not too clear on how the USB outputs are routed.
  13. theblogjammers

    Recording with Logic question

    I have the Looper using out 2 and my noodling on Out 1. Can I record these separate outs to separate tracks in Logic?
  14. theblogjammers

    Mooer Shrooms

    Yes—these are great for barefoot playing.
  15. theblogjammers

    KLON Drive Settings

    Really like your videos.Thanks a lot for doing them. Subscribed!
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