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Recent content by theblogjammers

  1. theblogjammers

    Mooer Shrooms

    Yes—these are great for barefoot playing.
  2. theblogjammers

    KLON Drive Settings

    Really like your videos.Thanks a lot for doing them. Subscribed!
  3. theblogjammers

    FM9 on P.A. from my last Clinic

    Really beautiful—I have the Ellis 8’s too—really like them!
  4. theblogjammers

    Like a Glove (FM9 Version)

    Thanks—ordered one.
  5. theblogjammers

    Top FRFR's these days?

    I can’t compare exactly because one of my CLR’S is not working, but tomorrow I’ll compare loudness of one CLR with one RedSound elis8. The Eliis has a wamer sound than the CLR. Maybe more mids. The Friedman seemed bass heavy. I noticed on The Gear Page that Atomic is going to be ramping back up...
  6. theblogjammers

    Top FRFR's these days?

    Yeah—not sure they can equal the volume of 4x12’s, but plenty of volume for me with a medium loud drummer. If you don’t need that much stage volume, you can, of course, send a signal to FOH PA. I like the sound just as much as the CLR, and probably better—also like it better than Friedman 10’s.’...
  7. theblogjammers

    Top FRFR's these days?

    I ‘ve got CLR (one needs new amp module and I can’t get) tried Friedman 10“, RCF, Really liking the RedSound Eliis 8 Pair. So light. Great sound.
  8. theblogjammers

    Tuner on both inputs 1 and 2

    The tuner configuration only allows inputs 1 or 2. I need inputs 1 and 2. Is there a way to do this?
  9. theblogjammers

    Waitlist Email

    Waitlist: 8-27-21 6:28 PM EDT Invitation Received: 11-03-21 1:04 PM EDT Ordered: 11-03-21 2:04 PM EDT Yay!
  10. theblogjammers

    Waitlist Email

    16 minutes. So glad they are shipping again. Was a little worried they could run out for a while.
  11. theblogjammers

    Waitlist Email

    Just an hour for me--praying they don't run out just before my time!
  12. theblogjammers

    Question for Atomic CLR Owners

    I've got a bad CLR Neo, first version. How can I identify what's wrong with it?
  13. theblogjammers

    Firmware 12.08 beta2 great Pitch Block Improvements

    I knew Cliff could do this!
  14. theblogjammers

    FM3 FC-6 carry bag or case options

    With Mission Pedal
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